Chattanooga TN wine shop recommendation

Suggestion appreciated.

I have always gone to Riverside Wine when in town. They have a decent selection. Make sure you check the “special” wines in the cellar. They have a good beer selection too.

Stopping by Chattanooga this weekend and figured I’d bring this to the top to see if anyone has more recent recommendations ?

Imbibe and Riverside are my two
It’s kind of a retail desert here.
I love living here and grew up here but it’s still a small southern town.

I grew up in Chattanooga and my parents still live there. Not sure that I have been in the Riverside store since my friend Chris Bratcher sold it. Is it still the go to place in town? (There were no others before then, at least that I knew of).

Thanks in advance for the intel.

It’s still my go to. I live in Riverview and it’s the closest and has the best inventory.
Imbibe(Josh Carter owns it) is on Broad and is good too. I stop in there every so often on the way home from work.

Sorry to hear Chris sold the Riverside shop. I met him there a few years ago and was impressed at the mature vintages he had in stock. He showed me around his storage area and had cases upon cases of recent vintage, really nice wine that he bought and just held onto until they got a few years on them. Expensive to operate that way, I’m sure.

I’ve not noticed a difference in Riverside since he sold it.
Alison has kept it humming along.

I stopped at Imbibe when I was there for a business trip a couple years back. Decent selection from what I remember. I picked up a bottle of Arcadian Syrah with a good amount of bottle age.

If you go to Riverside(I would)ask for Allison.
If you got to Imbibe(I don’t often) ask for Brian.

Probably two of the most knowledgeable people in the city.

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