Chateau Poujeaux is Dead to Me, Along with Other Recently Rollandized Estates

I had an '82 Poujeaux a couple months ago. What a beautiful classic, and has aged so effortlessly. I have always adored this estate.

It reputedly went rogue in the 2008 vintage, bringing in Derenoncourt as its winemaking consultant. I bought a few 2009s without knowing that, and tonight is my first try. Major fail. Another movement toward later picking of fruit and what appears to be more lavish use of new oak. I do not know exactly what the oak regime was in pre-Derenoncourt Poujeaux, but never have I picked up so much toast, oak spice and coffee in a Poujeaux. The fruit profile is all dark. The wine is hot, easily mid-14+ percent. DTM. (75 pts.)

Funny that this morning I bought some more 1990 Chateau La Louviere. Another classic stalwart. And then I did some reading on the estate off Leve’s website, and none other than the Purple Monster himself, Rolland, has taken over in 2013. Amazing to me, so now we have La Louviere, in addition to Figeac and Conseillante, going to the dark side recently. And Meyney from 2005 forward. Really sad developments when such classic estates with beautiful, unique profiles, have turned toward a ubiquitous, international style.

Major bummer. Glad I still have my Chinons . . . .

Oh great. Now I’m depressed. Louviere too?

Does it get a 75 for assuming the shape of its container?

How low do you go with scores?

Robert, have you had the new Meyneys? I had a 2009 last week and I was pretty happy with it.

I thought it was red wine well before 2008.

Rats! And here I was about to correct that typo! Damn smart NYC lawyers picking on their country brethren!

It really is sad. Glad this really has not occurred with burgundy to anywhere near the same extent.

I have not tried the 2009, the 2005 was terrible. I’m willing to try just not expecting much at this stage.

They do know Parker isn’t scoring anymore, right?

Dump the motherf*cker?

I have a 2010 Olga Raffault Chinon Les Picasses open as well. Get this, day four. First two days hard as nails, opened like a flower on day three. Day four alive. This is an ager and a worthy purchase. Kills the Poujeaux.

I have heard that Lanessan is also moving to the dark side.

You already made me buy some and I reloaded last week. Will try to crack one soon and follow it.

Bury them, Corey. Put them in dark storage.

If Lanessan goes to the dark side, Bobby’s going to commit harikari…which means his cellar be up for grabs. Party in Orlando!

It is true. Lanessan brought in Bouard for the 2015 vintage, according to Leve’s site. Meyney as well.

Well Bouard is not nearly so bad as Rolland. I have enjoyed a few of his wines.

Talk about a downer! For certain palates (i.e. those with good taste and Chinon lovers :wink: ), the Rollandization of Bordeaux is the single biggest wine travesty since Megapurple. I had heard about Poujeaux, but not Louviere and Lanessan!

Who’s left? Cantemerle and Sociando?

Message = backfill and turn cellar to 50F.

I had the '10 about 6mos ago which was clearly modern and surprisingly drinkable. What other '10s are drinkable now? I’m a little more tolerant of the modern style but don’t think that means I like the modern monsters like Pavie and prefer a more classic style.
Btw - the '95 is excellent and quite reasonable in price, as is '89 and '90 Meyney.

La Lagune? Cantemerle and Sociando remain solid.

In all candor, 2014 was likely my final year buying new release Bordeaux as I like them with age on them. I’m 50. Have been doing some nice backfilling these last few years.