Chateau Montelena Estate Cabernet question

I purchase all of my Montelena either from auction or retail, and was curious if they’re still using those serial numbered stickers on bottles.

The reason I ask is I recently purchased some 2015s for a great price but there’s no sticker on the capsule. Looking at some previous vintages some have the sticker, some don’t.

Anyone have any info?


I don’t seem to remember seeing serial number stickers on the 2013s that I drank, but I am not a Chateau Montelena Estate expert.

Maybe contact Montelena?

I have a 2003 and a 2013 in my cellar. The capsule has a picture of the “chateau” and the vintage date printed on it. That’s it.

These came direct from the winery (as in hand delivered by an employee).

Just looked at an '11 I have on deck and it does have a sticker on the capsule that has a series of letters and a number. Was not aware that it was a serial number though. I will look at some other bottles the next time I am in the cellar. My bottles are direct from winery mailing list.

2016 direct from winery in decorative boxes have no serial # or any other id other than normal labeling. Capsule has engraving of estate and vintage

Sorry I didn’t mean to be misleading about that, I don’t know if it’s a serial number - but found it interesting that some bottles/vintages have it (whatever it’s for) and others don’t. I’ll just call them.

2007,2008,2009,20a0, 2011 all have the sticker. Nothing before or after does.
These were all purchased direct from the winery.