Charter Oak in St. Helena

Greetings, I booked a table at Charter Oak for our upcoming trip at end of October. Just saw a bad review in another thread. What say you gang? Should I keep the reservation? Been to Press a few times so was looking forward to something new.

I ate lunch there earlier this year and the service was terrible. Sat at the bar and the bartender was unpleasant and rolled his eyes when my wife asked to accommodate an allergy. And I remember it was literally freezing in the restaurant (it was cold outside so as though they didn’t bother to turn on the heat). Food may have been okay, but the service so unpleasant I can’t even recall what we ate. I won’t be returning, but you may have better luck that we did.

I’d keep it. We had a great experience based on our single visit so far, and it’s at the top of our list whenever we make our next trip to the area. We found the food quality to be top notch, and had a great service experience. We went in February, so hopefully things have not suddenly become bad? I would still be willing to see for myself even if for some reason it had.

I had a great visit there back in May

We had a fantastic visit in October 2017. Went for lunch – it was charming, great drinks, cool tables, ambience, etc. Service was attentive, a little playful, and overall just fine. Several memorable dishes food wise. For value, this one is high on the list for Napa

My GF and I went there for lunch back in early April. It wasn’t crowded and the service was good. The place itself is beautiful, and the food was solid . Forgot what we had but it was tasty. Thing is, we had a drink each and a couple small plates/ appetizers and the bill all in was around $90.

A welcomed addition to the scene, but if I’m in that immediate area, I’d prefer going to Farmstead right next door…

Agree re: farmstead and also goose and gander if one hasn’t been before; but I think Charter Oak is a very good restaurant and a good value in the area

I went there in February of this year and everything was great, we will probably go back the next time we’re in Napa.

Per the previous thread I’ve been there ~5 times and it’s always been great. I personally think the food there is a step up, especially if you order certain things that they’re particularly good at (the bowl of vegetables w/ the fermented soy dip, the beef rib), and is worth a visit

Yup, those veggies and soy dip are ridiculous

Went again last night after reading the negativity.
Another great meal.

They are doing a pop-up in Chelsea next week or the following week, FYI.

Horrible. Will never go back. So many other good places in the area. I would check out Cooks right down the street in St. Helena. Even a burger at Gotts is a better idea

I have been several times (bar, lunch, brunch, dinner) and have always had a fun / exceptional meals.
(disclaimer: they are good supporters of D&R)

I’ve been at least a dozen times and always been great.

Better as a lunch trip or a dinner trip?

The table next to us popped on your wines after a rave review by the waiter. Cheers!

I’m one of the folks that lambasted Charter Oak. The fried chicken sandwich is very well executed. The chips and greens were a meh. The grilled bread with honeycomb and cheese was yummy. Our service was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at any restaurant, let alone one with a big name and reputation. It was also better for us than at least two other tables we observed during our visit. I’ll go to Farmstead and G&G next time and don’t see myself going back to Charter Oak anytime soon.

As an aside, while I enjoyed it, my wife was not a big fan of the art near the restrooms, as all of it is sexualized male fantasy art. Or at least that was our shared take.

OK, so maybe I was biased because I LOVED Tra Vigne, and hate the fact that it became Charter Oak, but I did give it a shot. Nothing about it made me want to go back. The service was just ok, and for what the bill ran, that’s just not acceptable. My bigger issue was the food. I thought it could have been a lot better, but almost everything I had was overly complicated, or just wasn’t a cohesive dish. Now, it seems as though all the positive reviews here are more recent than when I was there, and have heard folks say “it’s better” (that was this May), but I was also able to squeeze another admission- with some many good places to eat, why go back?