Charlotte NC March 2

My wife and I will be in town for the night. If anyone is interested in getting together for dinner and some wine, please let me know. Wine theme open.


Possibly. Let me check with a few of my wine crew. One of my best friends just opened his new Yama LOSO (Lower South End). Best sushi, seafood, robata/kushikayi you will get in Charlotte.

There are other options in South End but wine hospitality will be the absolute best.

This would be great to have a Charlotte off-line. Count me in.

Corkage can be a funny beast in Charlotte restaurants post-pandemic but I would also consider Flour Shop in Park Road Shopping Center. Very wine friendly.

We could also use Cork Vault, the wine atorage facility near Bojangles Arena. We have a private lounge/bar where people are free to bring and open anything. It doesn’t have food but we can order/cater that in.


My wife (Jane) and I are both vegetarians and Yama looks like it has lots of choices and we can help Kelly’s friend and get great wine service. I vote for this one. Perhaps we can do Flour on the next trip. As for wines, any theme? I am thinking about 2008 Taittinger Champagne Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut and a 2011 Trimbach Riesling Clos Ste. Hune as they seem like good food matches. My wife may insist on a big red though so I am thinking of adding a 2002 Shafer Hillside Select. I can be flexible though if we go a different direction.

Thoughts? Kelly can you reach out to your friend and let them know?


Taittinger CdC and Clos St. Hune are never turned down :blush: Reisling is always a great match with Birdie’s cuisine.

Let me throw a hook out to my buddies to test interest. We all have deep cellars so we can drink anything you want. Burgundy has a tendency to always show up. Keep me posted about any other locals that show interest.


Id be game, currently don’t have plans on my calendar though still need to check with the Mrs for anything I’m overlooking. Not there biggest seafood guy but I always gives something and I don’t mind trying new things.


There are plenty non-seafood options.

We are good for 3/2 at Yama LOSO Lower South End. 7:00 work for you? It will be myself and two others, possibly one more. My wife is working but may be able to come buy later. Any preference on what you want to drink? We are a pretty old world group but can support most anything you like, new or old.


Sounds great. 7:00 works for us. I like anything, so whatever you would like to bring.
Rich and Kevin, are you guys in?

Thanks Loren and Kevin for the notice. I just started my annual month long cleanse (Day 5), but I would like to make an appearance to meet Loren and some other local Charlotte berserkers. If I can make it, I’ll be glad to bring a bottle or two from Oregon to share with the group with or without my abstinence. UT plays Bama at 8, so I might be a little preoccupied with the game. My apologies in advance. Hahaha. I just moved next to the Waverly YAMA and I can confirm that the food is delicious. Anyway, I’ll do my best to make it. I’ll follow up next week. Have a great weekend…


Loren, I can do 7pm at Yama.

Sounds great. So we have 7:00 at YAMA.
Loren and Jane
Kelly and his group

Thank you. We are looking forward to it.

I can do, cleared up the time. I’m trying to true up my cellar with BD15 wines showing up daily so I’m building a mental list of interesting bottles. I have a pretty diverse collection though lately favor new world. If there’s a theme LMK.

I don’t know that there is a theme. I always think its better to have a progression of wines thru a dinner. I like pretty much anything. As I stated above, I am bringing:
2008 Taittinger Champagne Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut
2011 Trimbach Riesling Clos Ste. Hune
My wife tends to like big, bold reds but they probably aren’t great food matches (she won’t care). I will also bring a 2002 Shafer Hillside Select which she will like and hopefully it will work with some of the foods for the rest of us.
Bring something you will enjoy and that you think the rest of us will as well.
That said, if a theme emerges, I am happy to bring something else.

Hmmm, have been looking for an excuse to bring out a 2003 Taittinger Champagne Comtes de Champagne Rose. Seems like next week could be that day. Also have quite a bit of 20something yo JJ.

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Looks like potentially 10 total. Should be great fun.

My suggestion:
Usually when we have a gathering like this, everyone brings one or more wines. We then cull the wines down to a manageable number of bottles to open based on consensus of what the group wants to drink or if an interesting theme develops (Comptes de Champagne :wink: . ) Hate to open bottles just because they are there, if you know what I mean. Obviously, everyone is welcome to open whatever they wish but don’t feel compeled. There will be some really great wine whatever gets opened. The bottles not opened can live for another day. Hopefully everyone is onboard with this approach. It always works out great.

Look forward to seeing and/or meeting everyone.


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Loren, had lunch today with the Yama LOSO owner. Got you covered. BTW we are 5 on my end so if the other three confirm we will 10 total.


Thank you Kelly. We are looking forward to it. I agree on the wines. Let’s see what we have that makes sense to open and enjoy.

Thanks Kelly for getting that worked out. See everyone tomorrow. Hope everyone loves Yellowtail.

Welcome to CLT Loren.

Great night!!!

Loren and Jane, great to meet you. The rest of our locals, finally great to meet you all in kind. Thank you to Kelly playing host and pouring; vs the food, you created great pairings and flights. Can’t say enough, super-somm level; thoroughly enjoyed.

For the venue, I’ve gotta put this at the top of Japanese and seafood in general. It’s usually not my thing, and I ate everything. My wife was even wondering wtf. Great company and people I will seek out. Much :two_hearts: