Charity lunch with 12 vintages of Magdelaine 1982-2011, X2O in Yonkers on October 16th,

We have very limited space, and it is a great chancesto taste a lot of Magdelaine.

Dear friends,

I am writing you today to invite you to a very special wine tasting and lunch at X2O on Sunday, October 16th, in support of Ukraine Aid International, a non-profit founded earlier this year to bring vital aid to Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion in February. Since April Ukraine Aid International, or UAI, has been delivering much needed food, clothing, medicine, medical equipment, and clean water solutions to Ukrainians on the front lines, operating from its bases on the Polish and Romanian borders.

Earlier this summer, UAI brought industrial water filtration systems to Mykolaiv, west of Kherson, and is now supplying all of the 100,000 residents still in the city with the first reliable clean drinking water they’ve had since the Russians reached the outskirts and destroyed all of its basic utilities. As Ukraine begins to retake territory from Russia in the north, UAI is planning to join the effort to bring clean drinking water back to the newly liberated regions.

This lunch will be hosted by Mark Golodetz, who donated this vertical of Château Magdelaine wines, and sommelier Ebru Can. We will also hear from Marshall Mayer, one of the founders of Ukraine Aid International, who will talk about the work he is doing in the largest battlefield in the world. This lunch may seem small, but together our one table will raise enough funds to supply more than 30,000 people with reliable clean drinking water in areas of Ukraine most impacted by this war.

We request that our guests provide a minimum $350 tax-deductible donation to Ukraine Aid International (, and come hungry for food and thirsty for great wines.

Please note the cost of the lunch will be charged separately after the event, so all funds donated above will go directly to UAI’s mission in Ukraine. Not to make you drool too much, but we do plan on enjoying the famous 40oz Porterhouse between us, the dish that Chef Peter Kelly prepared to beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef!

Please RSVP to this email @Ebru Can – we hope to see you soon!

Date: Sunday, October 16th, 2022

Time: 12:00 PM

Venue: X2O Xaviars on the Hudson

Address: 71 Water Grant St, Yonkers, NY 10701 (About 30 min from Grand Central if you take Hudson Line. The restaurant is 3 min walking distance from Yonkers Station)

Wines :

Château Magdelaine 1982

Château Magdelaine 1985

Château Magdelaine 1989

Château Magdelaine 1990

Château Magdelaine 1995

Château Magdelaine 1996

Château Magdelaine 1998

Château Magdelaine 2000

Château Magdelaine 2001

Château Magdelaine 2005

Château Magdelaine 2009

Château Magdelaine 2010

Château Magdelaine 2011

This is very generous of you, Mark,

I wish I could make that date, but unfortunately I can’t.