Character of the 2012 vintage in Germany? (for Riesling)

Mr. Loosen,

What do you expect from the 2012 Rieslings? What other vintage(s) do you think the 2012 wines will be similar to?

After tasting the first wines, the Rieslings show a great aroma structure and a very good concentration. The yield was in average 25% down, which explains the concentration. The acidity levels are 1 gr/liter in average higher, which shows in the fruity style Riesling a beautiful racy character. All over all the vintage has the potential to be a very good vintage.
It is difficult already to compare the 2012 in this stage with another vintage, possibly 2001?

Thank you for your reply, Mr. Loosen. Everything you report gives me reason to be excited – especially the elevated acid levels! [cheers.gif]

1 g/l higher acid than 2011? If so we are still only talking moderate acid. Certainly not a 2010 repeat (thankfully).

so I 1g/L isn’t much more than average … how much higher than average were many '10’s? (which I’m finding much to my liking)

2010 was not average, nor was 2011. We saw TA in the 6-7g/l range in 2011 and 10-12 g/l range in 2010. Average is more like 7-8 (in the Pfalz.)