Chanterelle Recipes?

Its Chanterelle season here in Santa Barbara County and I just finished picking about two 5 gallon buckets. I know of a few ways to prepare them but was wondering if anybody had any favorite recipes that they would like to share. One of my favorite ways to enjoy them is simply sauteed with a little olive oil, butter, garlic and parsley then poured over a juicy BBQ ribeye.


made some on Friday…nothing complicated, sautéed in oil/butter combo with a little bit of white wine…about 2min in the oil/butter and then 4-5min with the wine added…served next to a braised rabbit…they were really good

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Had a great dish last night. Prepare the mushrooms as you mention in your post (saute). Then prepare warmed grits (or polenta). Plate the grits, drizzle with evoo then place a sunnyside egg on top. Breaking the yolk will act as a sauce. Perfect dish.

Don’t forget the shallots!

Wow Gregg, that sounds awesome. I will try that.

Second that, and so will I.

a simple dish that shows off the wonderful flavor is chanterelle’s, dandelion greens, shallots, EVOO, white wine S&P tossed with fresh pasta

Chanterelles are very versatile. Some of the suggestions above highlight them, but they can be used to enhance many recipes. I prefer them with lighter meats like chicken, pork, some fish, but they can also stand up to most beef dishes. I also think they go well with ingredients like cream and corn.


The other night, I gave them a sautee in butter, then seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and fresh parsley.
Then I made a standard risotto, with plenty of parm and saffron, and folded the cooked chanterelles in with the last
broth addition.
It made a very satisfying risotto.

For whatever reason, feeling anti-social I guess, I went mushroom hunting during the Superbowl. I found two, 5-gallon buckets of chanterelles, about 20 pounds. Stopped at the mother in law’s house and then 2 friend’s houses and now have 10 pounds left.

I will clean, sautee and freeze them tomorrow. I love the smell of fresh chanterelles!

My best spots are poison oak thickets under the oak trees. pileon I think I am going to pay the price, it was already leafing out. Benadryl here I come…

I am a butter, parsley and garlic with chanterelles guy. How do other people like to cook them?

Peter…what about drying them?

I haven’t dried them in a while. The reason is that they never really reconstitute to a nice level of tenderness. I have tried and they are too chewy. They are much better when sauteed or blanched and then frozen. Frozen, you practically can’t tell that they aren’t fresh.

Chanterelle soup: Butter, shallots, chanterelles. Add chicken stock, thyme, parsley, and simmer. Stick blender, adjust seasoning and add pedro jimenez sherry to finish. Freezes well. Mike

We had this dish last night and it was FANTASTIC!

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How about Tempura style? Had this once and it was really good. It looks like an amazing year for shrooms here in SB County, especially after last years dismal harvest.