Changes at Wine Exchange

Did anyone else just get this email from Kyle and Tris. Anyone know more about what they plan on doing?

Or should we say, “…have left”.

Effective Tuesday, December 6th, Kyle Meyer and Tristen Beamon are no longer with Wine Exchange. This is a decision that neither of us took lightly, as our 20 years and 11 years respectively working with and building one of the country’s best independent wine shops can attest. However, in our continued effort to grow and develop both in the ‘people’ world and ‘business’ world we’ve decided to make the jump and branch it on our own.

First, a sincere thanks to the Zanotti brothers, two of the hardest working guys in the wine business. Without their tutelage early on and then, later, their hands-off management style, we wouldn’t have been able the opportunity to grow ourselves both personally and professionally. We SINCERELY wish them and the whole Winex crew all the best moving forward.

What does the future hold? Well, we can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. We can say it will involve selling wine, hopefully LOTS of it. And it will involve drinking wine, hopefully LOTS of it (though only in moderation…kind of). Stay tuned to this space.

To everyone that this missive finds, thanks so much for all your support the past two decades and we look forward to working with ALL of you again in the very near future…

The Best,

Kyle and Tris

I did not receive it, but most of my wine store emails go to spam anyway. Did they send it under separate cover, from their own email addresses? I’d imagine they would not have access to the Winex email database, unless they wanted to get in serious trouble…

Interesting. I didn’t get this either, but I might have trashed it without opening. I wonder if they’re venturing out in a brick & mortar store or just online only ala Envoyer. I don’t buy much from Winex, what were the regions these guys specialized in?

Ditto here – hadn’t heard. I get the usual Winex emails, but I’m sure this must have come from either or both of them individually. Can’t say it surprises me. Winex is a family business, so I’m not sure either of them would have had maximum upward mobility. Better this way - on their own volition, than the mass HiTime layoff of a few years back.

It came from both together (see signature line) and the email has a address of bestwinesonline (at)

So it kinda seems like it may be an Envoyer type of thing, but that is pure speculation. Either way I’ll miss them at WineEx as I enjoyed not only talking about wine with them but other things as well. I wish them the best in whatever they’re new endeavor is and look forward to it as well.

Very interesting indeed. Maybe the brothers will go back to yelling at each other from across the store. Seriously, I have been in the middle of that many moons ago.

I haven’t bought from them in many years (service issues), but back when I did they carried pretty much everything, usually priced to move.