Change in fedex signature policy ?

I arrived home today to find two wine shipments left on my doorstep, i wont name the wineries as its not about them.

Ive never ever had wine from a winery left at home, they always require signature and im sure we are all familiar with going to depots to pick them up, did something change or was this maybe a new driver who didnt know the rules ?

Im fine with it being left it was only 40 today so the wine will be fine but im curious as to why it happened

Anyone else had similar experiences ?

You sure FedEx knew it was Wine? You have the 21+ stamps and labels on the box?

Yes - I had the same thing with Fed Ex recently several times (in Florida, not NJ).

Yes, all over the box

Two seperate well known wineries

FedEx Ground or “regular” FedEx (airshipment)?

Was it FedEx ground? I find the ground drivers, who are generally not FedEx employees but independent contractors, just want to get the package delivered and will leave it anywhere to move on and not come back, even if it needs a signature. FedEx “regular” will rarely leave a package that requires a signature without you signing. And this is true for wine or regular packages.
(Edited to eliminate the Amazon reference, which is generally UPS.)

I had this with a delivery to my office recently with UPS, even the delivery guy thought it was odd, and he knows how much wine I have delivered

It took me years to get all my delivery people to leave my wine without signatures and your so concerned you’re starting a thread about it?


Seriously, why do people post things like this? Shhh!!!

Lol. I guess ppl who deliver to home don’t want signatures and people who deliver to businesses want signatures so no one steals their stuff. Ha

Check the shipping/address label. It should say “ASR” with a number underneath on the right hand side for “adult signature required”. That flags the driver to ask for a signature, not the alcohol labels.

Although its convenient what happens if my Saxum, Alban or similar goes missing ?

It will be a nightmare trying to claim

It costs the shipper $5.00 to require a signature and it’s supposedly required of their alcohol shipping
contract. It would save them money to conveniently forget, but they could lose their license to ship.

+4.50 for a residential address.

Why don’t you ask FEDEX?

Queue the “My wine is sitting on a truck all day and in a warehouse all weekend because I wasn’t there to sign. Is my wine going to be ruined? I hate [——-insert carrier name here——-].” thread.

So what. You could drink some French wine instead. [snort.gif]

I have all my FedEx shipments sent to my local FedEx Office. It’s only a few blocks from my home, it’s open 24 hours (not all locations are), and I never have to worry about being home when FedEx packages (regardless of content) are delivered. Easy peasy.


FedEx Office is the way to go! I remember when FedEx Office had computers for rental and they would do copies now it is almost all shipping at FedEx Office.

My UPS driver used to leave them on the doorstep. I told him to leave it with my neighbor because if a $1000 shipment gets swiped off the porch I am submitting a claim. Did not want him to risk his job by not getting a signature.