Champagne Visit Etiquette Question

We are going to do a day trip to Champagne. We have visits with a few small producers. What is the expectation to purchase? Is there any expectation? Little help?


John - I visited two small growers in December, Chartogne-Taillet and Vilmart. The former wasn’t set up for selling wine on premises - the latter was no pressure whatsoever, the complete opposite of my experiences in Cali, for instance. In fact, neither would have even brought it up if I hadnt inquired.

I’d highly recommend visiting Chartogne-Taillet, Alexandre is a delight to spend time with, if you’re interested in his contact info pm me and I’ll pass it along. Same with Laurent Champs at Vilmart, both total gentleman who are gracious with their time.

And both speak very good English.

No expectation but if you do not buy it might be nice to buy a little gift.