Champagne glasses

I like using l’Impitoyable No. 4 Champagne glasses, but geez, they’ve gotten even more expensive; the best price I can find is $50 per. Has anyone tried, or know of a U.S. source for, the Lehmann Design glasses made by Verrerie de la Marne (Marne Glassworks), in France? Among a rather confusing assortment, they have two glasses I like the look of, the Autentique No. 1 and the Vinalies No. 1." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

Googling shows some Australian dealers, and there are some Vinalies now on French eBay, but the shipping is more than the glasses.


Also, not a bad topic to discuss, favorite Champagne glasses, now that the wealth of information in one long thread on Parker is closed to outsiders. This board’s Search function didn’t get me anywhere.

Frank - I ordered my Les Imp #4 through" onclick=";return false;. My favorite Champagne glass even though it’s also the ugliest!

I also really like the Zalto “white wine glass” for bubbly. I think the Champagne glass looks great but once you fill it up halfway there’s hardly room to let the wine breathe, imo.

The Riedel Vinum Zinfandel glass also works well I’ve found.

Like most others, I’ll use any glass over a traditional flute, even bdx or burgundy.

I use these:" onclick=";return false;


Gene do you order yourself from this site or have a friendly restaurant do it for you?

I love white glasses or smaller Bordeaux glasses for Champagne.
I have them all. Impitoyable. Zalto. Etc.
The best for Champagne is a white wine glass or Bordeaux stem IMHO.
Best aromatics and gives some aeration to expand the palate.

Good call, Don. Lots of Champenois have [albeit somewhat silently] have declared their affection for Bordeaux stemware for drinking Champagne.

I used to order from a friends restaurant but I found a retailer who will order them. If you live in the Bay Area I can shoot you a PM (they are a dollar more but a lot more convenient). For obvious reasons they don’t publicize this.

Have a look at the new “Grace” range from Zwiesel-1872. The Champagne flute is one of the best I’ve used. While a bit too tall, it has a broad bowl. Better still are the 2 white wine glasses, especially the Mature White. I bought the Champagne Bowl as a bit of fun and found it works very well by Rose Champagnes.

Gläser mit besonderer Note I Direkt aus Zwiesel | ZWIESEL GLAS" onclick=";return false;

I’m not a fan of flutes - the bowl is too small, and one of the best aspects of Champagne, to me, is the nose. I prefer a larger bowl - and found the new Rhone glass from Riedel (provided throughout Hospice du Rhone - I was able to nab three of them) to be a near perfect Champagne stem.

I’ll pile on with the anything but a flute crowd. Some of the specialized Champagne glasses that have come along are much better being like elongated white wine glasses or expanded flutes. I like my standard Schott Zweisel white wine stems for the cause.


I really like the riedel vinum zin/chianti glass for champagne; also works well for sauternes.

I use a burgundy glass for every wine I drink. Why not?

The Juhlin glass from Reijmyre Glassworks is quite nice for “small” champagnes. For more serious stuff, I prefer Spiegalu Adina Ribolla or the regular Spiegelau Authentis 02.


Thanks for all the answers; I don’t intend to obsess about the matter but, like just about everyone else here, I do like a wider bowl than the typical flute. I have used white wine glasses with good results, particularly when going head to head with narrow flutes, so maybe I’ll simplify things and go that route.

After much completely unscientific analysis of the best kind Zaltos rule in our house for Champagne. We have tried the following flutes:

Riedel Extreme - big bowl and heavy base; good for company as they are hard to knock over; good aromatics and flavors
Bormioli flutes - these are fall back for larger parties; typical flute
l’Impitoyables No. 4 - great aromatics but maybe too much aeration for some Champagnes; these definitely add to certain wines and detract from others. Always fun to compare and contrast.
Riedel white burgundy glasses - these work fine but I like my flutes
Riedel Sommelier Champagne glasses - these are close to the Zaltos and quite large for flutes but are very fragile and expensive

For us Zaltos combine the best aromatics and flavors and are tough even though they are very light. I dropped one on my granite counter and it did not break. I was shocked. Due to the shape of the bowl you can get your nose very close to the wines which probably helps. Unfortunately they are also expensive but have been worth the investment.

Fifth Avenue Liquors, Millis MA!! flirtysmile

Great find on those.

I am a fan of white wine glass for champagne also but I still use flutes when entertaining

I experimented a little and found that I enjoy them from a wine glass as well and have no use for flutes.

Has anyone ever used these Champagne glasses. Great price and looks like an interesting shape (although I have only seen the picture, never the actual glass)?

I ordered these when they first came out - I was kind of disappointed in them - recently tried them again & liked them better- the bowl coming in at the top threw me off at first, even in the beginning - I like the aromatics better- my wife said she saw no difference.
I’ll have to test them against white glasses ( my usual pick).