Champagne and Burgundy - a few bottles

Risk on buyer once shipped. Buyer pays shipping. Preference to local pick up (Seattle)

US wine searcher low in parentheses if available

'08 Ledru Millesime (scuffed label) - $380 (WS low $459)
'16 Hubert Lamy Derriere Chez Edouard ‘Haute Densite’ - $950 (WS low $1354)

'14 William Fevre Vaudesirs - $240 (no US WS entries)
'10 Jadot Baudes (slightly soiled label) - $240 (no US WS entries)
Krug Grand Cuvee 162 (2006 base) - $590
Henriot Cuve 38 - $310

Prices are firm as of now.


Updated and added WS-low prices for most items.

Hi Sir,

I know you said firm as now, but can I please buy the Krug 164 for $250?


Bump and removed sold

I am in Everett and would love to take one of the Krug 165s off your hands.

Sorry Scott, they’re gone. I’ve updated the post to reflect this.

Bump. Removed sold. Made a small price reduction for remaining wines.