Ceviche Pairing

This one is always a head scratcher for me.

Having a few people over for dinner this Friday. I generally like to start the evening with some Champagne. I also have a pairing lined up for all the courses except for the first, an octopus ceviche.

Generally, I’m concerned about the high acid of the ceviche totally throwing off whatever wine I pair with it. I’ve also decided that oak will probably not work well which cuts out my beloved White Burgs. I thought keeping the champagne rolling, but maybe thats too much acid? Same idea with Chablis or Muscadet. Then I thought a Spatlese to add a little sweetness to the acid.

I’m positive I’m over thinking this. Anyone have a good suggestion?

About to head to Peru, the ceviche capital. Will see how they pair, but I doubt it is wine.

What about a saison beer? I’m biased but octopus and acid say sake to me. If you let me know where you are I can recommend one you can get locally.

You can match the acidity with a no dosage champagne or GG Riesling but I worry it wouldn’t have the weight to match a heavy texture of the octopus. Saint-Aubin?

There’s also nothing wrong with not pairing a course, especially if you’re already opening with bubbles.


Champagne or sparkling wine. Add some popcorn on top of the ceviche broth. You’ll be happy.

Tequila/mezcal is my favorite.



This is where I was going. Clean, bracing, high acid, no oak.

That could be fun.

A Greek white, especially something from Santorini.

^ +2

Doing this (Torrontes) at a wine club this weekend, matter of fact.

This is what came to mind for me. Txakoli would be another good choice.

How about a Palo Cortado or Amontillado?

Thank you all for the great suggestions. It sounds like the consensus is high acid, no oak whites.

I must admit that I’m not very familiar with Greek wines, Torrontes, or Txakoli but I like the idea of doing something different. Sounds like I have some research to do.

I would try some Sake.
This should do well with the acidity and adds some complexity to the dish.

I wouldn’t worry about matching acidic wine with acidic ceviche. You’re never going to find a wine that balances the outright sourness of the ceviche.

Beer and tequila work very well because they’re bitter. I would go for a white wine with tannin and natural body. Marsanne, orange wines, oxidized wines (in order of conventional to funky).

The only “wine” to serve with ceviche - I would also recommend chilled vodka or a crisp pilsner -

I liked the idea of going Peruvian.

Pisco Sour.

I’ve never tried the pairing but the first thing that came to mind was Albarino.