Cerrada ~ Bohème PN, CH & Zin Offer

Greetings Berserkers:

Sincere thanks to Todd & the WB community for this program – the perfect way for us to meet an unequaled enthusiast community. An honor to be included here.

Between pruning and barrel-topping this week, it’s my goal to help you discover Bohème, now in its 14th year [cheers.gif]

Pruning English Hill Vineyard Chardonnay, Sebastopol Hills

Dry-Farmed Hillside Pinot Noir, west of Occidental, Sonoma Coast

For those new to Bohème, some history:
As a 5th generation California vintner, my path to wine was perhaps a foregone conclusion. My grandparents, Charlie & Lorna Wagner, founded Caymus Winery in 1972, and infused the family with love for the time-honored craft of winegrowing. Led by my uncle, Chuck, Caymus found success in Napa, and spawned new winery ventures by a number of family members, including yours truly.

Me (ctr) with brother Derek (left, maker of Carne Humana, Skyhook, Bodega Rancho), and cousin Joey (right, maker of WB faves Belle Glos, Elouan, etc [wink.gif] )

On 1/1/00 I moved to the Sonoma Coast to start my own career in wine, and began by managing the Belle Glos Taylor Lane Vineyard near Occidental. In 2004 with much help I planted the English Hill Vyd in the Sebastopol Hills, and began leasing & farming Que Syrah Vyd, which became the first Bohème bottling. The following year we began tending Chardonnay & Pinot Noir at 2 additional Occidental vineyards.

Stuller Vineyard, a rocky, hillside vineyard of Dijon Clones of Pinot Noir

Our continued focus is estate-farmed wines from the hills west of Occidental, which we ferment, age & bottle at our facility in Sebastopol. Please PM me if you’d like to visit.

Please reach me directly with any questions: info@bohemewines.com 707-887-2287

Thank you, Berserkers, for your support!!


An outstanding opener!! Thank you, Berserkers!!!

IN. Kurt is awesome and his wines killed it at the Pig Roast this summer.

Kurt, can I add a bottle of the Old Vine Zin (to the pinot pack I ordered) to give it a try? No discount expected - I just am curious to try.

Joe, you’re too kind!
The pig roast was so fun. Succulent pig for days and days… [wow.gif]
You were beyond generous giving me that Brickhouse. I saved it and loved it to the last drop.
Thanks for your support.

Delighted to add in a Zin and I insist on extending the BD discount. Just email me what you’d like and we’ll take good care of you.

Kurt’s Zin is rockin’. I normally am adverse to higher ABV wines but man…the Zin is beautiful. Loads of acid to balance out the bigger structure. Somehow the alcohol is well integrated already and there’s no real notice of new oak aromatically.

This wine is already singing so I’m excited to them over the next few years.

Is this 100% Zin or a field blend? Either way am i trigued.

Where I come from, 14.9 is a modest Zin, LOL!
Agreed, the bright red berry acidity is central to Mancini–glad you’re liking yours. :wink:
Thank you as always.

Hi Chris,
The vyd was planted in 1922 by Luca Mancini and was a field blend including Zinfandel, Carignane, Petite Sirah and Alicante Bouchet.
When harvesting the vineyard in '13, we were able to selectively pick only the small vines from the hilltops in the field; I think we picked up a bit more intensity as a result. It’s very much a brambly, bright-fruited Zin with (in my opinion) balanced alcohol.

I know (like me) you’re a big Oregon PN fan. I’m excited for you trying the English Hill PN- it’s our most botanical/ earthy with touch of Sonoma Coast dried cherry. Here’s a picture of EH with RRV and Mt St Helena in background:

Coming late to the game, but this was the thread I looked for right away. Add me as another big fan of Kurt’s wines: in my opinion very flavorful wines balanced with good acidity and nice finish. Purchased the pinot three pack x 2 and a two pack of chardonnay. Looking forward to tasting his chardonnay for the first time. Wife doesn’t drink much zin otherwise I’d be loading up on those too. She prefers the Taylor Ridge pinot, I prefer the Stuller. Below are some of my notes for those interested:

2013 Bohème Wines Zinfandel Old Mancini Ranch Russian River Valley
Red fruit (raspberry) mixed with florals (violet) and herbs (sage, fennel, and thyme). No overt oak overwhelming the flavors. Bright acidity. Light on its feet so I’m surprised by the 14.9% abv on the label. Fun ride and a great pairing/nice contrast to the BBQ baby back ribs tonight.

2014 Bohème Wines Pinot Noir Stuller Vineyard Sonoma Coast
Deep dark red fruit accented with some pretty crushed rose petals. Then the spice kicks in with a fair bit of acidity which tastes of pomegranate and cranberry. Nice silky texture. Firm structure. Dry but there’s just the smallest hint of toffee in the finish to me. Offering great pleasure right now but would be nice to revisit in a few years.

2014 Bohème Wines Pinot Noir Taylor Ridge Vineyard Sonoma Coast
Flavorful Cali pinot with a nice streak of acidity to balance and cut through the fat from the duck breast we paired it with. Nice easy going texture, tanins are there but not harsh. Good finish.

2012 Bohème Wines Syrah Occidental Hills Sonoma Coast
Clear and pretty magenta color with blueberries on the light nose (pop and pour). Tastes of blue fruit, white pepper, and ends with a touch of orange peel. There is earth and beef jerky notes in there if you look for it. Tingling acids prick the tongue (in a good way). Medium mouth feel. No alcohol burn/heat. Nice finish although not particularly long. Elegant style of Syrah from a cooler climate (especially compared to the Herman Story Nuts and Bolts I had yesterday). Definitely food friendly. Would be great with some duck confit.

We had the pleasure of visiting him in April last year, here’s a write up of the trip for those interested:

#speech f ing less.


Love the Sonoma Coast nuances.

Order this man’s wines.

Great to hear from you - and thanks for sharing your outstanding notes!!!
I hope to see you again soon; we’ll have the '15s ready to show in the spring… :wink:

You’re too kind. Thank you. [cheers.gif]

Thank you, Berserkers, for making such a fantastic BerserkerDay!!
We will continue to offer our discounts & free-shipping offer through tomorrow, Monday.
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Pig roast in Kessler Hawk vineyard? Kurt brought the good shit.

Pig wasn’t bad either.

Good people.

I have enough wine to last a lifetime, and despite one or two lapses, was holding out on BerserkerDay offers reasonably well. However it seems my willpower has a shelf life, and Kurt’s extension may have just sucked me in!

Kurt, if I add a bottle of Zin at regular price to the 3-pack Pinot offer, do I still get free shipping? Your website wants to charge me $23. :astonished:

Peter, consumption is the better half of valor!
So is free shipping.
Please enter your desired order on the website- we’ll remove all shipping charges, then consummate the transaction.
Many thanks…a good evening to you!