Ceritas 2022 Late Spring Release

Maybe I missed a thread (flame away if I did), but I was curious if anyone else was in on this release. I bit on some Heintz Chardonnay and some Trout Gulch PN.

Did a bit of each of the Heintz Chard and the Zephyr. Zephyr is my favorite. Don’t buy much PN anymore, but their Cab is a must for me now. Not sure, but think the Cab is a fall release.

Got a bunch of Heintz chard and some PN, btw I believe the Cab is offer in the late fall/ winter release.

I plan to buy the Cab this year too. I love the style, and it’s a really good value IMO.

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I purchased some Heintz chard. I believe Ceritas is making some of the best chard in CA and I have felt this way for a very long time.


Same here.

I ordered 6 Heintz and 6 Trout Gulch pinots. I love the Ceritas chards so much, but haven’t had much experience with the pinots. Unfortunately for my wallet, this is one of the few allocations I rarely miss. The Heintz chard retails for $75 in NYC, so it’s cheaper to buy it direct!

Bump to see if anyone has tried 2020 Heintz and Zephyr Chardonnay and/or 2020 Elliot Pinot. Concerned about possible smoke taint.

I opened a 2020 Zephyr Chardonnay a few weeks ago. I found no smoke taint.
Little bit of reduction, but not smoke taint.
The 2020 Zephyr was not as energetic and bright as prior vintages. Whether that is tied to vintage, bottle variation, etc. - would be a guess at this point given the sample size.

I have the 2020 Occidental Pinot which I expect to open soon to try. I passed on the Elliot.


The Fall Release is coming up on August 1:

2020 Carex Chardonnay / Sonoma Coast
2020 Porter-Bass Chardonnay / Sonoma Coast
2020 Hellenthal ‘Old Shop Block’ Pinot Noir / West Sonoma Coast
2020 Cuvée Chloe Pinot Noir / Sonoma Coast

I tasted the 2020 Zephyr at the open house a couple months back. It was superb and untainted.

Is there a wait time on joining their list?

I don’t think there will be a long wait if you’re just joining the list now, but they’ll likely have you sit out this release or possibly offer a small allocation after the initial release closes.

Looking back at my emails, I signed up in February 2021 and received an email pretty quickly offering a sampler plan (13 bottles over the next 3 releases). I was then offered 3 bottles each of two of the spring release wines after it closed. I don’t recall receiving an allocation for the late spring release but I did receive one for the fall which ended up being my first winery-direct purchase.

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Will likely pass on this, for nothing other than financial reasons. I do love the Porter-Bass though.

Keeping my powder dry until the Cabernet release…

I signed up this spring - they offered me 4 bottles (one of each wine) for the next three releases with the promise of going on the list after that. If you don’t do that they said there’s a wait of some sort, but I’m not sure what it is.

I thought the Cab would be part of this release, but it isn’t. Does anyone remember when that normally gets released?

My email from last year suggests end of September.

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But are you really though? I struggle to believe that you aren’t getting your powder wet until this specific event. I guess what I’m saying is that you strike me as a guy who likes to get his powder wet. Why hold back? Give in to the dark side.

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Ceritas’ website shows October for the offering of the 2019 Peter Martin Ray cabernet.
That is on my radar to buy.

Only bought 3 of the Porter Bass Chardonnay this time as I am trying to curtail overall spending. Their Tasting Note on the 2020 Porter Bass pulled me in: Ethereal and poised, this wine surpasses all expectations for this site.

Yeah, I was very impressed with the Porter Bass I had last time. Lean and mean, but still so refined. I’ve always maintained that the Zephyr is the best one, but last time I think the P-B showed even better…

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