Central California Storm

For someone who is still learning the intricacies of the vineyard and how late and/or early weather can affect the vines…

I would like to here about how the storm this week may affect the 2010 vintage in the central valley. From what I hear (as of Wednesday 1/20), the worst is still ahead of us, so how will the vines be affected by all this, if at all?

Thanks for the feedback! I am very interested to see everyone’s thoughts.

The vines are sleeping. Rain right now is a good thing. (Though the flooding sucks).

Depending how much water comes you could see excessive vigor in the spring and summer that results in shatter, shading, poor ripening and botrytis amongs other things. It depends on soil depth, drainage and water holding capacity, coupled with the actual amount of precipitation. Rain during the grand period can result in stem necrosis.