CellarTracker Year in Wine

The most important thing I learned from Eric’s email about my year in wine is that I SUCK at entering both purchases and consumption. The numbers make me look like a normal civilian not a Berserker


Ha, I haven’t read it yet, but I was patting myself on the back the other day. Sent 300+ bottles to auction and there was only 1 bottle I had consumed without removing from CT. Just found 1 other today when I was re-allocating some slots. Oddly, my taking instagram bottle shots is helpful in these cases, as I can scan back (at least 5 years or so) through my feed and see when I did open something if I forgot to remove from CT. Who knew Instagram was actually for more than vanity!

Something looks odd with this producer, Udo Weber. Listed in the top 5 ones to watch. Yet I have never heard of them, none are for sale in the U.S. and there are almost no notes.

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really weird - 1800 bottles, but 1500 of those are pending delivery. and 13 tasting notes over the span of 17 years.

that said, i will keep an eye on dom perignon and lopez de heredia!


Tasting Notes: 311

Bottles Added: 827

Bottles Consumed: 538

hmmmm, think maybe its time to join the cellar reduction thread…

Noticed that, too. Something fishy.


Maybe AA, too. :wink:

I do…sometimes…drink with others

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Lol. Yeah, that was on me. We had a lot of weird ones where a single user drove the numbers and was often a commercial entity. I excluded those. I let this one slide and I don’t recall exactly why.

One reason was exactly what you make a joke about - #6 that would be #5 was also as useless a rec as LdH and DP. At least Udo got someone to click! :stuck_out_tongue:

The “Ones to Watch” category was my idea. The general idea is finding wines with the largest delta from prior years purchases. Last year, DeNegoce and the Girardin scion were on there which had a great logic. This year … meh. If we do this one going forward (and I like the idea a lot), we need some sort of normalization algorithm to capture truly new producers. OTOH, I am not sure the effort to do so is worth the payoff. We will see.

Thanks for calling us out though! (And reading thoroughly.)


My favorite producer was “Empty - Empty - Empty - Empty” because every time I pull a wine from a box, I put “Empty…” in its place. That way I can find which boxes have empty slots by searching for empty. And, I can do some “auditing” by seeing that each box holds 12 in quantity. Yes, I am a CPA.


I just look at the “by location” filter and can easily see which have <12 (or >12!) bottles to remediate. I’m a CPA also!


Great to have a fellow accountant on the forum!


Make it another - also a CPA.

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I love the idea and love extrapolating lots of information from the treasure trove of data you all have.


My grades:

Adding bottles: A+
Removing bottles: F-

I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate to see them go and doing the occasional inventory en mass somehow makes it easier.


@Andrew_Hall - Being a bit of a data geek myself, I’ll second Robert’s opinion. I’d love to get my CT metrics ala Strava reports (the workout data logger) but also be able to have insight into more global drinking trends.

Now that’s a good idea, thanks. (A manual ‘empty’ inventory is in my very near future as I approach bulk capacity.) My box sizes are not consistent, lots of six-packs too.

this was all a honeypot to get us all to talk about it. bravo!

Agree. You need to remember to add an empty when you pull a bottle and drink an empty when you replace. You can run a report on empty locations. I use Jonathan’s method too to scan my location boxes to make sure they say six or twelve (or some odd box). Make sure you leave a review of how the “empty” tasted when you “drink” it. That’s our former dog in the empty label picture in CT.

There are quite a few of us here…

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