CellarTracker Price - Do you including shipping and/or tax?

When you enter a purchase into CellarTracker do you add the cost of shipping and/or tax to the per bottle price?

base price, no tax, no ship… only method that allows apples to apples comparison…

Always add all the related expenses that I paid to get the bottle into my cellar. That is, after all, what it actually costs.

Yes, the total cost of getting the wine in my cellar.

I would say apples to apples needs all-in pricing! Shipping/no tax; shipping/tax; no shipping/tax; no shipping/no tax are all possibilities for me. Only way to compare is all in. Likewise, if I get a wine on sale, I use the sale price, even if it doesn’t go on sale again.

All that said, it would be great if Eric could add an optional field for other costs (shipping/tax/buyer’s premium/whatever). I suppose that wouldn’t account for free shipping (which of course isn’t really “free”). But it would avoid this problem.

All in pricing. Always.

I enter the total cost. That is what is important to me.

Only the price of the bottle - tax and shipping I exclude

Yup. All tax and fees and shipping etc included.

I only enter the wine cost. If I ever want to source more I use that to compare to the retail offer. Death and taxes are a given.

No. I want to track the general value, not down to the penny.

Half the time I don’t even enter a value. The other half I make something up to screw with the community average. :wink:

Also, we cover this thread about 6 times a year. There was a similar thread about 3 weeks ago.

Only the bottle price, unless there is an extremely high cost associated, like overseas shipping, in which case I make a note. I assume I will have to get all bottles into my cellar, and shipping will always be a predictable add on almost regardless of vendor (see previous caveat). I want to be able to compare my price paid with future prices I see at auction or retail.

That said, I do include any auction house buyers premium.

wine cost only

I add in shipping/sales tax, etc. Gives me a basis number should I ever sell the wine.

All in

Do you discount the price for the cork, glass bottle and label?

No just the value with no tax and shipping included

Bottle price only.

All-in. If I want to source more, I use that to compare to the all-in retail offer.

If I can’t put it in my hand for the listed price, that isn’t the price.