CellarTracker moving to subscription model?

I passed that on to him. He does do a great job keeping us on task.

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Davis is fantastic. It is a great team.


One of my developers surprised me with a little translation prototype over the weekend. Coming soon!!


This is a GREAT add! I often cut and paste notes in other languages over to Google Translate.


Yea that is awesome!

I’ve got to say I find myself pulling up the old app more and more these days. The number one issue is the RN barcode scanner is nowhere near as good as the native scanner on the old app. The new one is laggy and about half the time pulls up the wine listing for the bottle I scanned rather than pulling up the consume page. So then I have to rescan to get to the consume page. I’m not sure what that’s about.

Then there’s the times I want to see all the vintages and bottle counts of Leflaive Chevy or something I have in my cellar. The new view is just so bloated and harder to get a quick idea of what you have. Then of course there’s the reload bug that I reported that hasn’t been fixed. So it’s just harder and harder to keep hitting the new icon when the old one is sitting there and works better for 95% of what I do regularly.


That’s interesting. I’m a heavy barcode user and fine the barcode scanning much improved. Much quicker. Much easier to move bottles around being able to type in Bin codes.
I do find the filters on my cellar a bit click happy. I wish we could save a few so I wouldn’t have to change them on/off. Being able to save “burgundy at home” in the filters and just make it one click would be helpful.


I’m with you there. I also find the workstream for consuming less convenient, especially the “consume” button, which doesn’t immediately take you to the scanner but requires a separate scan to consume.

I think part of the scanner problem is something with newer iPhones (at least my 15 pro) which is it chooses a lens without the ability to focus close, so you have to move away and then the barcode/QR is very small. I think Eric/team fixed this on the old app but it seems to still be a problem on the new one.

I don’t use the barcode functions but find myself going to the old app for similar reasons otherwise. Bloated, hard to get a quick idea of what I have. One way I used to do that was via the ‘Restaurant Style Wine List’, which was really great because I could, even from the old app, select which location (i.e. what I have in house, or a particular offsite location) and view just that. That’s not available on the new app, though I did request it a couple months back and it seems like it’s under consideration. And agree it would be great to save filters, similar to how one can save reports in the web/desktop version. Fingers crossed.

This isn’t to take a way from all the hard work Eric and team are putting in on this. I have no doubt the app will continue to evolve.

I’m not sure if there was a different version to which you are referring, but on the “Home” tab of the new app, the “Print Wine List” button seems to be exactly what you are talking about.

No, this has been fixed for 2 months in the new app. It uses the macro lense.

Is Andrew_K on Android? It could easily be the case that there is some issue I am not seeing there, but on iOS I use the barcode scanner every day and have not seen an issue as described in months.

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It sounds like perhaps the issues that I’m running into are Android specific and there’s only so much lab testing that one can do, but all the CT staff use iOS, so it gets the bulk of the real world testing. And you have to prioritize resources so you’re more likely to spend time fixing bugs that affect iOS.

Not quite though. You can really only see pending, delivered or all. But it doesn’t give you the ability to select wines only from specific locations.

I happen to have a couple offsites as well as wine stashed in various corners of the world. So seeing what I have available to drink, right now, in whichever location I want, isn’t a possibility.

I believe you can get a list of wine separated by location (and bin if desired), but to your point, I’m now seeing that you lose the real magic of the wine list if there are no groupings such as “Sparkling, Dry, Red, Regions,” etc.

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Sure, you can. But you can’t filter for it, which you can on both the old app and on the website. Not being able to filter is a pain when the list is 3,000 bottles. Doubly a pain when I can do it with the old app and not the new.

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Where can I see how many bottles others are holding or pending of a particular wine in the new ap?

On the page for a wine on the DEFINITION tab.

Thank you, Eric.

I have to admit I would never have looked at a tab called “DEFINITION” for much of anything.

Once again, calling out that the “add@cellartracker.com” feature is so great.

That is all.