CellarTracker iPhone App

Just downloaded it after seeing it had launched on Facebook. Looks great! My days of using CT in a mobile web browser are finally gone. Thank you Eric and the CT team!

Now I just need to wait for the Android version…

Just saw that and downloaded it

The app look and feel is like the new mobile browser version, good UI consistency but does support barcodes.

On the iPad I prefer the full site in the browser.

I have an Android phone and will just continue to use the new mobile site until it’s released.

Here is the FAQ

So, I don’t need a scanner? I can use my IPhone to scan in and out of the cellar? That’s awesome!

that is such an awesome feature… my scanner just broke… perfect. :slight_smile:

Beautiful job

Nope, no scanner.

Plus you can scan UPC so when you’re in a store just scan it and pull up tasting notes or looking up a wine to enter it into Cellar for the first time.

Note. Not all wines have UPC codes in CT and they are not unique. YMMV but it’s a quick way to start.

it’s my birthday this week. Great present. champagne.gif

when’s the android version coming?

Dan is working on it. No release date yet but it’s coming.

Very nice. goes fast too. Well done

Eric posted a cool stat on the CT forum for mobile traffic

Last I checked:

75% iPhone/iPad
22% Android
3% other

All CellarTracker traffic.

Congrats to Eric on the launch. TBH the mobile version was already very good, but now the experience is even better.

Excellent! This is something I will use.

That’s about what I see at Benchmark:
iOS: 82.5%
Android: 16.7%
Blackberry: 0.5%
Windows Phone: 0.3%

Similar on WB:

  1. Apple iPhone (44.10%)

  2. Apple iPad (38.59%)

Congratulations Eric and Dan! It looks great.

iPhone users have more disposable income :wink:

Thanks everyone. We are working on getting the Android and Windows Phone versions out ASAP. Then we will be fleshing out advanced filtering and adding even more CellarTracker parity features. The latest “Holy Grail” feature is the ability to take a photo of a label and recognize it. We will get there too.

making me giddy!