CellarTracker goes Full Booty


Mebbe based on your browsing history?

CellarTracker links to this site:

But WineBerserker’s VigiLink redirect doesn’t seem to like that URL.

It’s weird - I’m actually logged into an account right now with almost no browsing history whatsoever.

Off to the side, there was also a “vertical” advertisement for what looked like gay men’s sweaters, but I couldn’t seem to get both ads in the same screenshot.

What are gay men’s sweaters?

at least it doesn’t take you to wine.com

[popcorn.gif] [popcorn.gif] [popcorn.gif]

Watch the Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma.

This is hilarious - now I’m getting that “wholesale7” big booty advertisement on 2nd Amendment websites.


I don’t get any ads on Cellar Tracker.


I gotta say, that docu was surprisingly good. Thought it’d be full of generic info, but nope!

That’s what surprised me so much - I don’t ever remember having noticed ads on CellarTracker before now - but then suddenly that Big Booty was getting shoved in my face.

If you have to ask, you can’t afford them.


I get spammed by different booty ads with skinnier bottoms. Worse, they creep up the page and cover posts!

Must only be us trolls Nathan.

WB ad creep.png

+1 really enjoyed it too

I get no ads at all. Do you sign in?

I see a lot of 70’s stuff but still nothing gay here. Could you please explain?

It’s ok, I doubt they’d ship to Finland.