CellarTracker Customer Service

I wanted to publicly thank Eric and Andrew at CellarTracker for exceptional service. For me, these guys go beyond the call of duty in answering my dumb**s questions. The site is designed so well and the functionality is exceptional. Thank you for a job well done!

+1…they really are a class act.

What’s Cellartracker? [snort.gif] [new-here.gif] [berserker.gif]

Thanks for the compliments! We really appreciate them. We consider ourselves quite lucky to have such dedicated users and are happy to help any time.

I use cellartracker very regularly when looking at buying new wines. It is a great site.

They’re also incredibly responsive whenever I report I tasting note that really isn’t. Class all the way.

+1. I had a simple-ish question the other day, and Eric responded very promptly to my email question. Very helpful folks.


I wonder if Eric is going to be allowed back in the country

He was back before the decree.

I could not agree more. I have to say as well, as a newer wine lover, being able to read other members notes on wines causes me to be excited for the wine in my cellar. It adds to my enjoyment of owning the wine, prior to consumption.

Thanks Eric and company!

I am surprised at all the praise. Once, the CT team took more than an hour to resolve an issue I brought to their attention.

Hi all. I am back in Seattle.

Andrew and Dan do a lot to try and keep me from being a grumpy ass. It’s not easy.

would love to hear any inside baseball anecdotes about all the Washington craziness going on.

Hi Eric,

Can you make America France again?

Cellar Tracker Love Pile-on. It is a great site and IMHO a must for anyone serious about wine.

You guys trying to guilt me into making an annual contribution??

Just had some back and forth emails with Eric at almost 10pm regarding “Top Stores” in the Community Holdings area of CT. I wanted some details on this to help me with purchasing outside of Wine Searcher. Eric went way beyond to answer. He is so dedicated to his/our CT. Cheers for that.

You guys are too kind.

I am headed to Switzerland next week for a few days. I wonder if I will be allowed back in the country?