Cellar Rats and Wine Pimps - I need your help!

Attention Cellar Rats and Wine Pimps!

With the ever-increasing traffic on WineBerserkers [ok.gif] I soon will need to upgrade the system, increase technical assistance, and find more bandwidth. To keep the forum ad-free, I plan to run some quarterly donor drives, and rather than just ask for more donations, I’d like to make it fun, and with the feedback of our very own Chris Buddress, some wonderful ideas have been presented that would be greatly enhanced if I could engage you, specifically.

What I’d like to do is have a week-long donation drive each quarter, and two days, or perhaps just once that week (depending on the donations received), have a randomly selected winner from those who donated during the drive in a drawing of something unique, donated by those ITB. I’m thinking of such items as a signed or unique bottle of wine, a gift card, maps, books, decanter, glass, wine opener, some cool wine accessory, etc. These would be donated to the ‘fundraiser’ by you, the ITB’er, for the purpose of this drive, and would be sent directly to the winner chosen from the pool of those donating during the drive. I can announce each ‘prize’ ahead of time on a thread with the donation drive announcement, with credit to the donor of the prizes.

Please PM me with your ideas in this regard, as I plan to do the first such drive soon, given the huge influx of additional traffic, and the inevitable need for more bandwidth and server space to come, as well as the new list of technical issues that the forum membership wishes to have worked on.

Please PM me, don’t post it here on the thread - I’d like to keep this private until the drive, then announce them as the prizes are offered.

BTW those 8x10 glamor shots of me can be substituted for the ones taken without the feather boa. I didn’t mention those because they are a little bit racy, but the girls love 'em. [d_training.gif]

I’m saving those for the Grand Prize

Donation Drive number 2 is started…bringing back this thread.

Please contact me if you have any great prizes to donate!