Cellar door retina scanner

I am looking for a way to secure my cellar door with a minimalist retina scanner. I am very new to this technology and am hoping to tap the collective IQ here. All thoughts are appreciated.

A cool idea. But I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to obtain a fingerprint scanner since they’re so widely used on computers and phones.

will it work if they’re bloodshot?

I hope it works if they are bloodshot :slight_smile:.

While I realize this was quite possibly (probably?) asked in jest, yes, in theory “bloodshot” refers to the conjunctival vessels and in no way would impact a retina scan.

Now, I have been curious as to what occurs if one has diabetic, hypertensive, or other retinal changes.

Why not just a keypad? What is the real advantage of a retinal scanner?


Way cooler!

There is currently no lock on it and nothing drilled in the door. I was thinking a retina scanner attached to a magnetic lock. Does anyone have any insight? My aviator is a pic if the cellar setup.

Only useful for preventing teenage children accessing I suppose.

A retina scanner would be very expensive. Fingerprint technology would be cheaper, but still expensive. Card locks or keypads are more affordable.

Yup…and babysitters/mother in law/and wife’s book club!


Will it work if there’s a power failure; will it need to be re-set/re-calibrated after one?

Better hope any potential thieves haven’t seen Demolition Man.

Does your aviator fly your helicopter onto the Screaming Eagle estate?

With a retina scanner, you might want to add a deterrent as well. Say something like a 10 inch long spike that pops out of the scanner if the retina is not recognized. Just thinking out loud here so to speak - you can’t be too careful.

While I don’t have one I do know someone who tried retina scanner, thumbprint, and key pad. Here were the issues he had.

Retina: bloodshot from being in the pool/water prior caused issues where it wouldn’t work.

Fingerprint: Same as above (sans the bloodshot part)

keypad: worked everytime.

Use a key pad and don’t worry.

While I admittedly know nothing of retina scanners, I know a couple of things about the retina and the bloodshot issue makes no sense.

But I agree that a keypad or simply a keyed lock would be best.

What about those devices implanted subcutaneously that trigger the lock? That’d be high-tech enough, no?

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No idea either, just relaying the info and issues he told me he had with various things he tried.

I have a $250 fingerprint deadbolt on mine - works great for teenagers (as far as I know)