Cedric Bouchard 2019VV and fried chicken

Courier showed up with my Cedy Boo order this week and my wife told me that she had a team dinner on Friday night, so I was home alone.
I figured I may as well open one of the 2019s and check it out.
I removed the basket and the cork ejected at high velocity and may have achieved low orbit by now.
I decanted the bottle and let it sit while I air fried some thighs and got the stereo warmed up
Right out of the gate this 2019VV is a cracker, its a little more dense than usual and the fruit takes center stage before tailing off into a modest (but balanced) finishing acidity that cut through the spicy fatty goodness of the chicken thigh.
I served the wine at 12 degrees C in a decanter and large glasses, I think the wine might come across as a bit monolithic if served P and P and too cold.
This wine is great out of the gate, but for sure will be better with 5 to 8 years of cellar rest.


Nice notes and photos! That’s a great solo meal; I sure your wife was jealous.
I haven’t opened anything from '19 yet, but I’m excited about that vintage.

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Lol, my friend had a rare but similar cork situation with a 2010 CeddyB VV the other week. Cork flew out and the bottle sprayed all over nearby diners. It was great!

I’ve been really enjoying the new release (had VV and Ursules so far), probably my favorite batch in recent memory. Love the new labels, too. Sexy pairing with the chicken!

Oh yea the cork was gonesky, it happened to me once before with one of their wines.
And yes the pairing was great

Nice note, Marcus. Classic pairing of Fried Chicken and Champagne and your chicken looks amazing. I’m having difficultly keeping my VV in the cellar and out of my glass.

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