CDMX Recos?

Thinking about heading to Mexico City for the first time for a few days in December after my son’s wedding in Cozumel.
Placemarked dinner reservations at Pujol and Contramar. Other than that looking for casual, street food, taco stand recommendations.
And a place to stay. Anyone have a point of view on which neighborhood/district? Or a specific hotel?
Or is AirBnB the way to go there?

We stayed in this Airbnb. Great apartment. Excellent location. Great rate. I am logged into Airbnb now so I hope you can follow this link.

I preferred Quintonil to Pujol by a large margin. Rosetta was wonderful. We stayed at the St Regis. Had a huge suite for less than $300USD per night. It is hard to beat. F&B is expensive for Mexico though.

Teotihuacan is really worth the trip if you have the time. Hire a guide.

Traffic can be absolutely terrible. A couple of Km can be 30 min so plan accordingly. Uber is basically free.

Enjoy a truly wonderful city especially for food. You do have to be careful with some of the street vendors from a food safety standpoint.


Agree with George that Quintonil is waaay better than Pujol (so much better that I would suggest you swap reservations, if possible, and if not, go to Maximo or somewhere else rather than Pujol.)

Rosetta is good, too, but not really Mexican food; and what you are calling dinner at Contramar is really late lunch!

A multi course lunch at Nicos with multiple draws from the mezcal cart, finished with a serving of cafe de olla, is amazing. But requires a nap afterwards.

Condessa or Roma are the main tourist hotel areas. I like the 4 Seasons on the border of both.

Plaza Mayor and the Zocalo are good areas to wander.

Uber is almost free but the subway is safe, often faster than driving, and is 6 pesos.

A few older threads have more info.

Thanks all.
My original res at Contramar was at 6 PM, which I would consider not a lunch but an early dinner, allowing for an exploration of taco stands for late dinner, but anyway I moved that up to 4 PM so at least we would see the late afternoon daylight scene.
I hear you on Pujol; it’s interesting to me how polarizing that restaurant seems to be. I have spoken to other food industry friends and some love it, while others…meh. Speaking of Pujol and tacos - has anyone tried Mulino El Pujol? Maybe a different way to go to add to the taco crawl.
Added in Quintonil. As for Rosetta, as good as it looks, for the 2 or 3 days I am there for the first time I would rather stick to Mexican cuisine in lieu of Italian.
Thanks for the hotel thoughts - and that AirBnB looks very cool.
Any other recommendations would be helpful.

PS - I am a big big mezcal fan…

Also just made a ressie at Entremar, the new restaurant from Gabriela Camara, the owner of Contramar. Has anyone been? Will we be just duplicating the same meal?

El Molino is not a place I would put on a taco crawl. I would highly recommend Le Tachinomi Desu.