CBS This Morning - 5/16 w/ Dirty and Rowdy

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Barring breaking news, Dirty and Rowdy will be featured on CBS This Morning Saturday on 5/16. The CBS segment focuses primarily on our skin fermented wines (Orange and Semillon).

We are stoked and it should be a fun segment. As of now, it is slotted for around 8:30AM EDT. Click for a listing of broadcast times - When to watch "CBS Saturday Morning" in your city - CBS News

Look forward to it.

that’s awesome! setting up the DVR!

YESSS! Congrats!

Is 8:30am too early to drink me some skin fermented semillon?


Tuning in now to see if I can catch it

Coming up now after commercials

Very cool!!!

Looks like per Instagram the D&R website is down from too much traffic. Congrats Hardy!

You are the local expert on that one Hardy. Congrats. I love your skin fermented semillon! Wishing you and the whole gang a ton of success. BTW, this is the perfect forum for this announcement.

Missed it, any chance if a replay Hardy?

Great segment.

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Awesome! Hardy, your enthusiasm is infectious! So glad to see one of the good guys getting some national shine. Hope you sell out!

Thanks so much everyone!

It was awesome of CBS to reach out in do this and also to update their story to include parts from our interactive events.

We had to upgrade bandwidth at each airing. Even buying the max available, the site still crashed. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the support it means everything to us!

Outstanding! Great job Hardy.

And a shout out to the Selbachs as well!

Great piece Hardy. Congratulations.