Cayuse style

Will be seeing my first offer tomorrow, can someone give me a little information on the style? I remember hearing that they used to be fairly polarizing wines. Excessively funky?

How do you know you’re getting an allocation offer tomorrow? I’ve been waiting 6 1/2 years for an offer, when did you sign up?

I got an email last week, I signed up about 7 years ago.

Jared probably has the best post I’ve seen on the topic:

Damn, so close but yet so far away. I’ll hope that i’m in the next wave of making the list.

They can be pretty funky. I haven’t had enough to know if the difference is between bottlings or bottles. To me, God Only Knows (Grenache) and Camaspelo (Cab/Merlot blend) are massive wines with enormously ripe fruit profiles. The Syrahs vary quite a bit. I don’t have enough experience with the various Syrah bottlings to know the differences firsthand, but I have seen differences in alcohol levels which are fitting with some of what I’ve been told: Cailloux is the ripest and most New World tasting, Armada is one of the most restrained. The few I’ve had have shown New World fruit with a lot of earthy, funky, non-fruit components that are also not oak derived. Everything seems to reward aging, especially for those of us who might want the fruit to calm down a bit. They are all quite concentrated and distinctly New World, but I wouldn’t consider the Syrahs I’ve had to be fruit bombs. ABV in the low 13s is not uncommon for Armada, while Cailloux often comes in in the mid-high 14s. I am sure some other people can give general stylistic descriptions beyond simply a list of aromas.

The individual wines show by vintage: what is funky this year may not be next.

I got the email for a first time impending offer last week too. I have been waiting years but LESS than some others claim they have? Either my notes are wrong, others are overstating their wait time, or my Horsepower buying (been buying since inception) affected my spot in line? Either way, I am questioning if I can handle another list at this point. I will wait and see what the offer is for but I may have some to share.

R., I’d email them and ask when you joined (or maybe don’t?), but I have written confirmation that I signed up Dec 09. Another member posted that they received their first allocation last year, and they signed up in Sep 09, so it seems like they’re moving along as expected.

I’ve been buying No Girls since the first vintage, and it doesn’t seem to have impacted my spot.

I’d start by checking your notes (search your inbox for your waitlist confirmation email?).

Anyway, who knows, but all of the historical posts regarding when people were added seem to be pretty accurate chronologically, without anyone being skipped.

I signed up May '10, so sounds like i’m pretty close to getting on the list. I’ve also been buying Horsepower since the first release. I did get a No Girls allocation for the first time this year but I decided to pass, I won’t pass on Cayuse though.