Cayuse Shipping question


I have a very simple question - does Cayuse ship three packs as individual shipments i.e. each three pack constitutes an individual package or do they combine ordered three packs into a single package for shipping ? So if I ordered two three packs would that come as two separate UPS packages each with their own tracking number or would they be combined into a single package ?




Combined, probably up to 4 3-packs in a box (so a case at a time). I haven’t ever bought more than 3 3-packs, so can’t confirm that part. :slight_smile:

I’ve only seen 2 3 packs per individual box. But has been a few years since I have shipped

Never bought from the winery but able to get all the Cayuse locally. Do they ship them in the cardboard 3 pack boxes or do they ship them out in the normal case shippers?

Two three packs per box. I have been getting a case from them for ten years and it always comes in two boxes of 6. They are special boxed made for Cayuse.