Cayuse doing and ex-cellar sale...

I just got an email from Cayuse. They’re celebrating their 21st anniversary by selling some past vintages ex-cellar/chateau. Could be exciting for those wanting to take a plunge on older vintages. They’re asking anyone interested to, “Opt In” and bottles will be randomly allocated to you. I’d imagine they’ll allocate in proportions similar to the mailing list. From a quick glance, it appears most of their bottlings (including Bionic Frog) are on the list. I opted in and was given a choice of how many bottles I’d ideally like: from 1 up to 6. We’ll see. Anyone else?

Wait, what? I’ve been on the wait list for 8 years and they had wine to sell?

Just what I need, more Cayuse [wow.gif]

Here is the list.

Schweet… although could this be their CFO telling the business to generate some cash due to the 2016 cork/btl failure (tho the cost is probably covered by insurance)?

Thanks for posting.

I’m in.

Originally opted in … thought about it … some of those bottles are getting pretty old. Now have opted out.

I have had several 2004, 2005, 2006 Cayuse Syrah in the past 6 months. None were getting tired, all were very good to great. If I don’t opt in, it will be more because I can’t get over having originally paid $35 for them, than concern about the age.

Looks totally worth it to me… I’d be all over this if I were on the list.

I’ve been on the inactive mailing list since Jan 2013 so I thought I would inquire. They informed me “sorry” but this ex-cellar program is only being offered to active list members. They said it is taking about 8 years to make the active list, so I’m getting close…


It would be sweet to land a bottle of the Coccinelle


This would interest me if I could choose which bottling(s) I wanted (not necessarily vintages, but I don’t like all of the wines they make). The randomness has me not opting in.

The way I see it, it’s likely only going to be one to two bottles for a small buyer like me. Secondly, I really would like to taste some of the older Cayuse so I can make determinations on whether or not I want to keep them to age, or should be drinking them young. I’ve only been a buyer since the 2013 vintage, so many of those older vintages are appealing, if for nothing else, an education. Furthermore, when buying older vintages, the primary concern is provenance. This certainly solves that.

Yes. I still have a few of the Coccinelle from their original release. A lovely wine, which is now all part of BF as I understand it.

That is correct, Ron

After buying since the 2007 vintage, you would think that just maybe they might offer me some of the Flying Pig, BUT NO, despite promises it’s never been on my allocation list. Now, it’s a roll the dice crap shoot on the ex-cellar sale and with my luck, I will get allocated wines I already own and three bottles of Gallo Hearty Burgundy.

Jay, if by some stroke of luck I get some Flying Pig in this shindig, I’ll trade you something for it.