Catfish & Broccoli with Verdejo

Tonight’s dinner on a very warm day (over 90F) was catfish filets, pan grilled in Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and seasoned with Cajun Seasoning and SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning, with broccoli flowerets boiled in fish sauce, water, and chopped garlic; and finished with black pepper and coarse sea salt. The fish was served with a Cajun Tartare sauce.

For accompanying wine, instead of something from our cellar, we had a 2008 Shaya Verdejo (from Rueda, Spain) that we had tasted at Susan’s earlier this evening, decided it would be nice with the catfish, bought a bottle, brought it home, chilled it, and enjoyed it with the meal. It was clearly youthful, with good minerality and complex white fruit; barely adequate acidity, and a fairly long rich fruit finish. It was quite enjoyable with the spicy catfish.

Then for dessert we had a Pink Lady apple with two grappas - Sarpa di Poli and our old Banfi Grappa di Brunello - The Poli was less hot than the Banfi, but very rich, but not nearly as fruity. The Poli was better after the Banfi, than it was before. I really wish Susan would get some more, better grappas in.