Catfish & Broccoli with Sancerre

Tonight’s supper was pan-grilled catfish, seasoned with granulated garlic, SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning. and Cajun Seasoning; grilled in Meyer Lemon-infused olive oil. I put the catfish, when it was nearly done, on our plates in the warming oven; and de-glazed the pan with dry vermouth. Veggie was broccoli cooked in chicken stock with garlic, and finished with black pepper and butter/EVOO. The thick pan juices were poured over the catfish; the veggie was plated; and it was served with a 2007 Vincent Pinard Sancerre ‘Flores’ - light yellow in color; good nose and flavors of stony white fruit, none of the grassiness and grapefruit of California; good stony fruit mid-palate with bracing acidity; and a medium stony, slatey fruit finish.

We’ve always favored Sancerre with catfish. Tonight’s catfish was the best we’ve had here in Santa Fe. It was in the middle grade of the catfish we ate regularly in SoCal. It was greatly enjoyed, since we get very little good seafood for home cooking here in Santa Fe. I got this at La Montanita Co-Op. They also had some nice dark red wild Coho salmon, that I’ll try to pick up for later in the week.

Then for dessert we shared a small Pink Lady apple with some Banfi Grappa di Montalcino. This was very enjoyable while watching Stages 6 & 7 of the Tour of California (via TiVo). Only yesterday’s final stage is left to watch.

Nice choice. Sounds like a great meal - good, simple, well-prepared - that’s how I like it.