Catfish, Asparagus, and Sancerre

Tonight’s dinner was pan-grilled catfish filets, seasoned with SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning and Cajun Seasoning, and grilled in Meyer-lemon olive oil. When the fish was done, it was transferred to our warmed plates, sprinkled with SI Salad herbs, and the pan was de-glazed with dry vermouth with an slight addition of Cajun Seasoning. The asparagus was boiled/steamed in our asparagus cooker and finished with chopped garlic, EVOO, coarse sea salt, and freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper. It was all enjoyable with a 2007 Vincent Pinard Sancerre ‘Florès’ - light yellow in color; light nose and flavors of minerallly white fruit; mid-palate of good acidity and light fruit; and a medium fruity finish.

Sorry Southeners, I still eat my catfish with green veggies, not hushpuppies and cole slaw.

Then for dessert we had a Pink Lady apple with grappas.