Catching up with some tasting notes: Suzor, PYCM, Forgotten Union

2018 Suzor Sunflower Chardonnay

On the richer side for Oregon, opulent but still with precise acidity, some white peach, and great focus and length. Delicious.

2018 Forgotten Union Oakville CS

Extremely smooth with no heat initially. Took until day 2 for the nose to open up. Cassis and dark fruits with great acidity and focus. Speaks to the site.

2016 PYCM Meursault Narvaux

Some exotic fruits and a touch of ginger on the nose. Lemon core of acidity and some minerality. Super length and finish. Superb for the vintage.

Thanks for the note on the Suzor, looks like I’ll have to take one with us to Bend this weekend and give it a whirl.

Thanks for posting the note on my wine! This was my second vintage working with Valley Floor fruit (if you consider Conn Valley/Seavey mountainside- it’s only 300’ above sea level). I’m gobsmacked by how smooth the tannins are on this fruit and I do try to coax as much out as I can. Interestingly enough, WS is publishing a review in the July magazine with a drinking window 2022 - 2030- but why wait?

Love that Suzor Sunflower Chardonnay. Such a memorable wine!

Appreciated your answer via email on drinking windows. I generally find WS’s Cali reviews to skew toward early drinking for my palate so this confirms what you told me as well.

Your description nailed our intent. Stay classic, don’t ride any trends, bring a balance of richness and acid. Make wines to age and drink now!

Hey Justin, sure thing. I’m trying to reset my opinion of WS since James Molesworth took over reviewing Napa wines in 2018. I’ve seen a number of wineries I grow grapes for change their typical ratings (or I’m doing a better job getting them quality fruit- ha!).

I’ve been turned around quite a bit by reviews in the past- I remember the 2011 Seavey Cab getting an AG95 one week and then getting a WS88 the week after!