Catching up on TN: PYCM, Maybach, Bedrock, etc

2017 PYCM Bourgogne Blanc

House white, struck match, lemon zest, lovely balance and length, always great.

2020 Bedrock ode to lulu

So light colored but SO MUCH FLAVOR. Nose is just wild, beautiful, maybe best iteration of lulu yet.

2018 Maybach Materium

From 375, this is a beast of a wine that’s stunning now with a ton on the nose and a silky smooth but complex palate and super long finish, time will smooth things out a bit though.

2016 PYCM CM ancengenieres

Flinty reduction initially which took awhile to blow off. SUPER complex and intense. Very long. Fantastic.

Loving the '17 PYCM Bourgogne, Michael. It too is our house white at the moment.