Catastrophic Fires In Napa and Sonoma

The very high winds might have created our nightmare.

Potential Napa-altering fires underway. Began behind Silverado Resort and spreading fast up Atlas Peak, Yountville and Napa. In the eastern hills. Stags Leap area evacuated. Atlas Peak on fire.

Fire also in Calistoga in the western hills and potentially Knights Valley, Details on those are sketchy,

Less than 2 hours old and already out of control. It is currently 11:45PST. I am in Sonoma and one is over the back hills from where I live, but still 4 miles out.

I’ve never talked to friends in Napa who are this scared over a fire and we get one every year. And the night, is unfortunately, young.

Stay safe up there, I’ve only just started reading about this…frightening photos

I’m sure the firefighters are top notch. Hope everyone and everything stays safe.

Also now fires in Knights Valley and Calistoga near Tubbs. I make my wine on Tubbs, near Monetlena. It’s all happening so fast, can’t be sure of whats what.

It’s the worst fire since my arrival in 2005 and its less than 3 hours old. Totally out of control.

Keep us posted and please be very very safe

Just before leaving the winery tonight the air started smelling overwhelmingly like smoke. We’re on the other side of Santa Rosa, so the wind is probably only going to bring us the smell, but it’s a scary conditions for fires tonight.

I am in Santa Rosa too. Fire up here on Petrified Rd and Porter Creek. Also one in Kenwood. Now hearing of one breaking out on Partrick Rd on Mt Veeder.

Fires reported near Mark West Springs and Riebli Rd. in Santa Rosa, Shiloh and Conde in Windsor and 116 at Fredericks Rd in Sebastopol, now too.

It is really bad

The smell of smoke is so strong in San Francisco, I thought it was in my building. I went outside to see if it was in my neighborhood, then when I couldn’t see anything, I called the police non emergency line. I couldn’t get through at all, I think a lot of people are calling. So, I looked online and read about the Atlas Peak fire and realized that’s where the smoke is coming from, plus all the other fires up there that started tonight. I’ve never seen so many large fires start so quickly and so close together.

I hope everyone is safe tonight.

we evacuated out of Kenwood about an hour ago.

driving into Sonoma, and looking over the Mayacams to the east, it’s just one, big, orange glow.

stay safe folks.

Very sad to hear about it. Hope everyone stays safe.

This is terrible news. Please, everyone; do the smart thing. BE SAFE

This is a scary story. Those winds driving a new fire in the middle of the night. I can’t imagine how scary that would be to be shocked out of a sound sleep and have to try to gather up and race off.

Its very bad… reports that William Hill, Darioush and .Stags Leap have been impacted. Silverado CC area is evacuated. James Cole Winery posted on FB they are safe but think they may have lost everything.

Just tried to get back to Kenwood from Sonoma. CHP turned us around at Arnold Dr.

asked about Kenwood, and the officer said, “It’s on fire”. f*ck.

Hope everyone got out safe.

Has anyone heard from Merrill?

The smell of smoke in Petaluma was overwhelming and woke us up. Hope everyone is/stays safe.

George Rose took this picture. 101 at River Road in Santa Rosa looking South.
Fire 101.jpg

Wondering about her as well.
Terrible news.