Catalunya...but mostly near Girona

I’ve been to the area 3x but mostly staying in Begur by the beach. I’ll be in Girona for a short trip…mostly for cycling and wanted to know if any of you folks had any recommendations for food in town or nearby. I’m on the wait list for Cellar Can Roca but expect nothing. I’ve eaten at Nu and Occi on previous visits. I may have a rental car but was planning on keeping things close to Girona.

Any recommendations?

Well, I live like 5km from Begur. So my recommendations would be:
Near Begur:
Casamar. Amazing food and amazing wine list curated by Alex, a friend. Spectacular degustation menu arround 85€
Villa Mas (s’Agaró, 25km from begur). People say they have the best burgundy wine list outside burgundy, and some say, including burgundy.

In Girona:
Plaça del Vi 7, natural wine bar by a champion somm
Simfonia, wine and cheese bar and some other food, nice sherry selecction.
Normal (not sure if you’ll get in, is the El Celler de Can Roca “low cost”)

If you’ve been to the area, you’ll already know Vins i Licors Grau (biggest wine shop in south europe and 5km from begur)

If haven’t arrived already, drop me a line and we’ll open some bottles!


whoa! thank you. i know simfonia as i walked by it countless times in the old part of town.

never heard of ‘normal’…huge thanks for that.

this will be in late july just for a few days. i usually visit in early september and the weather is perfect as you know. would late july be too hot? im planning on cycling 2 of my 4 days in town.

i may just message you in advance!

Yeah, July is a little bit unstable, normally will be a little bit hot, but if you wake up early and avoid high sun hours, I’d say you’ll be fine, but it can be a little bit rainy.

I haven’t been to normal (literally 50mts from simfonia), they call it this name because they wanted to do a normal restaurant, with normal dishes, and normal wines, I’d say book it early too. Another option is Mas Marroch, which it is the banquets and events place from el celler de can roca also in Girona, but because of covid, they didn’t have events so they opened it as a restaurant with signature dishes that got them the first michelin star. Because they do some banquets too, they open the reservations just every week for the next 15 days or so, you can’t book more than 15 days in advance.

Sure! I believe I’ll be arround in July!