Castelli Vineyards

Berserkers Day participant since 2015.

Berserkers day special 4 pack:

Two bottles of 2018 Rosso Valverde (Green Valley Red) and two bottles of 2017 Estate Pinot Noir, $99 including shipping!

Limit 1 pack per customer, please.

Our 2018 Rosso Valverde is a blend of approximately half Nebbiolo and half Pinot Noir from the younger vineyards at Green Valley Farm.
Our 2017 Estate Pinot Noir is 100% whole cluster, foot stomped fruit!

  • Our vines are all dry farmed; no irrigation, even in 2017.
  • No fertilizers, no chemicals, no tilling no ripping no messing with the soil structure.
  • To learn more about our vineyard practices click HERE
  • Our current release is 2017 and 2018; we age the wine for you (though you can definitely age it much longer).
  • No additions or subtractions at crush; native yeast and no SO2 until malo is completed. Minimal SO2 during elevage and at bottling.
  • To learn about our winemaking practices click HERE


Thanks for your support!


I used to work regularly with Emilio’s wines (and Maria - hi Maria!) back in the day at a wine shop in the Bay Area, CA. These are fantastic, honest, and delicious wines that should be on everyone’s radar, plus they have an awesome family history behind them as a bonus. The estate Pinot is always packed full of all kinds of that whole cluster spicy Pinot goodness and is dangerously easy to drink. Don’t miss out on getting your pack of these!

I’ll add that the Castelli nebbiolos are hands down the best domestic nebbiolo i’ve ever tried!

Order in!

Thanks. I was sad that I missed the Sangiovese offer last year, so this helps!!

In. At least now I’m on a mailing list for the Nebbiolo and Sangiovese. :slight_smile:

Sad I missed the offering last year. The Nebbiolio from BD11 was fun. In for a pack! Looking forward to this year’s upcoming Nebbiolio release.

Very intrigued about Rosso Valverde. Order in!

The Rossi Valverde is great. Buy it on release when offered. It’s one of the best pizza wines I you can get.

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Order in. Glad to see Emilio back this year!

Okay, I’ll give 'em a shot.

Order in!

Emilio - I am absolutely blown away by the quality of your wines. My #1 purchase from BD13 so far; thank you for the care you have put into these.

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