Cash gift of $500.00, what would you buy?

If you received cash of of $450-$600 to be spent on wine, what would you buy?

Note: I am not a Burg nut nor claim to be, my interests are Bordeaux and big Cabernets.

So the choice is one bottle, two to four bottles or a case, and of what?

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1 bottle of '76 Yquem, or 4 bottles of E-O rosé, or a case of Produttori

A bottle of Trotanoy 1998


If it were me, I’d go 1 bottle and buy something I wouldn’t normally consider. It’s not often I purchase anything $500+, so I’d give myself the opportunity to do so here.

2018 MacDonald is around $500-600, I believe. Hard to go wrong there.

Single bottle: I’d hunt down some old Hans Gunter Schwartz wine just to satisfy my curiosity.
Two-four bottles: some old Denis Mortet Nobles Souches for sentimental reasons.
A case? Mastroberardino Naturalis Historia.

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2 bottles of 05 Montrose


2-3 bottles 96 Leoville Barton


1 btl 01 Yquem

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‘12 Cristal Rosé

Or 800

One auctioned at K&L for ~$600 a few weeks ago


I’d grab a 2018 Accendo and a 2019 Bevan Tench

A good 100 year old bottle of Madeira or a 1968 Mastrobearadino Taurasi Riserva.

Another vote!

And another. It would be the only way I would ever get to experience it.

Without overthinking it, probably a D’yquem from a solid vintage since it’s not something I’d purchase.

You can get 3 (I own a bunch at ~$165, seems like the Chateau or distributors keep releasing it in Europe).

You know what I would do if I had a five hundred dollars? I would invest half of it in low risk mutual funds and then take the other half over to my friend Asadulah who works in securities…


I’d buy St. James Place and Tennessee Ave, and hope I’ve got enough in the bank to add New York Ave. Then I’d have the full set!

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Not one girl?