Cases of Rascal Pinot Noir/Pinot Gris - 75 Bucks!!!

Perennial favorite Rascal, known also as ‘The Abomination’ by one fleeting Berserker years ago, is a no-nonsense, need-to-buy option every BerserkerDay. You buy a CASE of this wine for $75, and it really is a fantastic QPR. Linda secures some really good juice (likely benefiting from the recent global economic meltdown), and is super fun to deal with, as are her staff members. We always have a great time with the Great Oregon Wine Company, and since Linda was able to cajole her staff into showing up on a Sunday, I’m guessing they will be doing a bit of [drinkers.gif] as it should be…and she’s only got her staff until 4pm, so order soon!!!

This year, she’s offering these ridiculously priced cases (mix or match) plus a little Cabernet Sauvignon as well!

Great Oregon Wine Company

Rascal Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, mix or match $75 case, I know, cheap, baby, anything for my Berserker buddies.
If you want toss in Lindsay Cabernet 2005 - $20 usually $30. Call Sunday until 4 to order 503.434.1155 Happy BerserkerDay !

any idea on approximate shipping cost?

The Lindsay cabernet is seriously good juice for that kind of coin. Don’t sell it all, Linda, 'cuz I want to come out and pick up a few more.

I put in an order, and the estimated cost of shipping to Maryland is $40 (I think). That makes the all in per-bottle price with tax at around $11. I am excited to try these wines and think it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Had a bottle of the 07 the other night and was floored at how good it has become. Drinks like a good $30 WVPN… but for $6ish?..

Pat, what state are you in ? Bob - I always have a secret stash to share with you
Are we having fun yet ?


Fantastic deal… Woof!

Pat, I’m guessing around $35 to ship

Who’s on staff today, Linda?

John, didn’t you buy like 6 cases of this last year?

Haha Todd, I’m cheating today, at home with my staff member Seamus :slight_smile:. He doesn’t know how to answer the phone, but he does enjoy chewing on it !

Sounds like Seamus and Randy Bowman are related.

Just got off the phone with Linda. In for a mixed case heavy on the Pinot Gris (for both my mother-in-law’s!). What a screaming deal! This should keep me in good graces for their visits.

Does Randy pee on the carpet too ?

In for a case. Appreciate the recommendation.

Everyone should be in for a case of the Pinot - Bob Wood, didn’t you say the Gris was outstanding this year?

A case if P Gris for msGris. [cheers.gif]

Left a message. I’m guessing they’ll call? :smiley:

Oh that’s right - Linda only wanted to man the phones until 4! Lazy.

I left the message around noon I think. I’m guessing she was helping someone else. I’m not worried - they’re super nice. If I recall, last time they left the offer open for a week.