Case Splitting database

It’s become apparent through discussions at the de Negoce thread (and some other threads) that there are many who are interested in connecting with fellow wine lovers for purposes of splitting purchases of cases of wine. Whether it be private label offers like de Negoce, Bordeaux futures, auction lots, or other purchases, I figured having a dedicated place for people to connect would be beneficial. The idea is to have a dedicated case sharing database in a similar fashion to the offline database.

I’m happy to keep on updating and managing the list since someone’s gotta do it.

So feel free to chime in and I’ll do my best to start and keep the list updated. Any input on how y’all prefer it to be organised is welcome

I’ll be listing cities/regions and adding those interested and their noted case sharing preferences. The names are people’s usernames to make it easier for people to track them down to contact each other. If you want me to update any info, just let me know.

Jim Stewart (interested in de Negoce)

lucagiupponi (interested in de Negoce)

NYC Metro Area
Rodrigo B (interested in de Negoce, BDX EP)
Bdklein (interested in de Negoce)
Christos M (interested in de Negoce, BDX EP)
P. Dias (interested in de Negoce)

Upstate NY
Jeff Rosenberg

Andreas Birnik (interested in private label wines, de Negoce, Claudine and others)

I’m interested in participating in this, Rodrigo. I would be especially interested in splitting some of the de Negoce offers that require a case purchase. I am in the Boston area. Cheers.

I’m in Rochester, NY. Would very much like to find individuals interested in splitting cases.

Great initiative @Rodrigo B. Below is one solution up and running for anyone primarily interested in splitting cases of private label wine (e.g. from de Négoce, Claudine, Wine Access) or other opportunities to buy wine at a discount by the case. I have created the Case Splitter web app that currently has users in 21 states + Washington DC + Singapore.

The initial use case was to help people split wine cases from de Négoce as many feel that it is a lot to make blind buys of 12 bottles of wine. But the solution of course works for any kind of case splitting or even to organize wine tasting events in a local area to bring people together.

The simple web app has a “lasso your local area” functionality to enable registered users to send out “proximity e-mails” to other registered users with a simple distance slider in the web app.

This enables user to send out e-mails like the below (based on de Négoce examples):

• I’d like to find people in my area to purchase future de Négoce cases together with. My preference is Cabernet Sauvignon and other full-bodied wines.
• I have bought a case of OG 40 and I’m happy to sell 6 bottles for USD X.
• I bought a case of OG 60 and would like to swap 6 bottles with someone who bought OG 59.
• I’m arranging a backyard wine tasting BBQ on Sunday at 5 PM at my place at X. This is potluck so bring a side dish, some meat to BBQ and a bottle of private label wine to share.
• Anyone wants to get together tonight at 7 PM to try some private label wines? Each person brings a bottle and we meet up at X.

The largest clusters are currently in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, Seattle, Southern Florida, Maryland + Washington DC, New York City and Greater Boston with smaller clusters in Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Charlotte, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Lone users are looking for people to split cases with in Santa Barbara, Tuscon, Louisville, New Orleans, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and in Vermont. Anyone is welcome to join. It is a self-organizing community based on members connecting in each local area.

Rodrigo, I bought 1 case of the OG N.41 2018 St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon . If you want some or half a case , send me a PM. I live in NYC metro area-and find my way to many of the boroughs from time to time .

I would be interested also in splitting De Negoce cases. I’m in Lansing MI, happy to drive a bit.

I joined case splitter. I’m interested in de Negoce and would get in on the splits and Bordeaux futures. I’m in Astoria, NY.

That’s a really cool idea. Especially considering you’re taking time from your rookie season in the NFL to do this.

[rofl.gif] I’m sure Blankenship in on the de Negoce train as well champagne.gif

It’s more the NBA players who buy the trophy balla wines. On the rookie place kicker salary in the NFL, it’s still smart to be splitting cases of De Negoce.