Case of Red Burg shipped ground from LA to CT 10/16-10/23. Should I be worried?

So I was facilitating the shipping of a case of Red Burg from a retailer in LA to CT for my dad. I told the place that I thought that it would be better to wait til the end of the month to ship but the person I spoke to seemed to be in quite a hurry to ship the wines (been there since the spring I think), and was insistent that they go out right away (talking about charging storage and such) and said that he was doing shipping cross country already. The wines went out of LA on 10/16 and arrived in CT on 10/23. Since I’ve been noticing on the boards that people only felt comfortable shipping in the last week, I did a little research and found out that the temps in the LA area were in the mid-90’s the day the wine went out. Needless to say I’m pretty upset about this - I’ve never had this issue before, and really don’t know how to proceed. Any advice? (I’m having the storage facility inspect the bottles closely). Thanks.

Weather was pretty cool at night if i remember correctly. Wouldn’t worry. But check the wines to be sure. Pretty irresponsible by the retailer regardless.

Similar to retailers that ship out on tuesdays going cross country so your wine sits over the weekend

Thanks Charlie :slight_smile: Your comment has helped me calm down considerably.

To be fair, I think my dad wasn’t timely with payment for the wine and may have given the retailer the run around for a while, so there might have been some bad blood. But even with that, to risk a shipment like that seems problematic to me.

I think people were more worried about getting wine shipped to them in southern California. I’d check the fedex tracking to see when it was scanned in, it was at 12pm it probably sat in 95+ weather for 4-6 hours (even hotter in the truck). If it was in the afternoon, it probably got to the warehouse fairly quickly.

Pickup scan: 5:14pm

so that’s some good news. Thanks again.

even if it was picked up late, still disconcerting that they shipped in that kind of weather. other stores/wineries held off even for local (i.e., within the greater SoCal area) shipments during that time. out of curiosity, who was the retailer? i’d appreciate a PM, too, if that’s better.