Carrying wine / ice bottles?

Hi all.
Ordered the carrier below which was recommended in a different thread.
I was thinking to carry two bottles of wine and two zaltos and then two water bottles frozen to keep wine cool.
Any thoughts on whether the cooling should work well?

While it will depend on how long you will keeping the wine in the bag and at what external temperature the bag will be held, in my experience two frozen water bottles may actually be too cold for the wine to be at serving temp when you arrive at your destination. I use two-bottle insulated bags of similar construction and simply pack small gel-type freezer packs around the necks of the bottles, which works well for typical trips up to an hour or so (to maintain serving temp). Occasionally this results in too-cold wine but it doesn’t take long to warm up in the glass. The same solution works for much longer periods to simply maintain safe temps for transport. If you were to carry four chilled bottles in this bag I suspect that the chilled mass of those bottles alone would keep you sufficiently cool for quite awhile with no additional chilling. Fortunately, it will be easy for you to fine-tune your methods to preference once the bag arrives.

Additional note: Be very careful about how you pack the Zaltos along with four bottles in this bag. These bags have a fair amount of flex and four bottles weigh enough to initiate the flex when the bag is picked up by the handle/strap. I suspect that using two outer slots for glassware (one on each end) would be the safest but you will want to carefully test before hoisting the full bag for the first time and having Zalto chips fill up the bottom. I typically use a smaller insulated bag for the wine and a separate padded bag for the glasses. While not quite as convenient, it does solve this problem.

Thanks for the very thorough response. I will definitely buy some gel packs for shorter trips. I was thinking about using the frozen bottles for longer trip (4-6 hrs). As for the Zaltos, I was hoping to put in in their cardboard box and then in bag but will need to test. If it does not fit, agree - will consider separate bag or just drink out of what restaurant has.