Carry On Aging

The 1986 Carillon Puligny-Montrachet is loaded with botrytis and opens up with intense smells of apricot, honey and orange. Once it’s been in the glass a bit there are some notes of butter, almond and mineral. It won’t win any awards for complexity, I googled ‘wine awards that award complexity in 24 year old Village Chardonnays’ and came up with nothing, so I guess that doesn’t really matter. Whilst the wine’s acidity is barely there it is still quite bright and energetic.

86 brings back fond memories. Glad to hear it’s holding–we had a very fine 99 Carillon BBM last night!

The high botrytis years of 86 and 92 seem to have aged very well from village level up, wondering if botrytis has some preserving quality?
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Lovely note. I am a “Carry On at Your Convenience” man myself :slight_smile:

Interesting note Jeremy. Twenty four year old village wines are rare around my parts. One of the issues is storage, of which there is a finite amount. But when I see notes like yours I say bravo.

an interesting thought–I wonder what other vintages had botrytis . . .

I think 83 had botrytis too. And they have held up very well…