Here we have a Marrakesh-inspired crisp carrot salad by „Kochgenossen“. It’s a food-blog from Vienna with lovely traditional Austrian recipes, Austrian restaurant recommendations and also a lot of asian or international recipes.

Perfect to add again one of my favorite song this year, „Train to Marrakesh“.


500g carrots, sliced 2mm

100g dates, chopped

2 tsp cumin, grounded in mortar or spice grinder

pinch cinnamon

pinch chilli

1 tsp sugar (optional)

flat parsley, chopped (handful)

mint leaves, chopped (handful)

dash lemon juice

olive oil



  1. Sauté the carrot slices on high heat for 1min. Add sugar&salt. Then add a lid and let it cook for 2-3min on low heat.

  1. After 2-3min add cumin, dates, cinnamon, cumin, chilli and remove from the heat. Let it sit for 1-2min

  1. Put it into a bowl and add chopped parsley and mint. Combine

  1. Finally add a good dash lemon juice (optional more) and a dash olive oil. Optional more salt.

  1. Serve with pigeon, duck, chicken, lamb and lamb sausages „Merguez"

I have a mint plant outside that has massive leaves. How much should I use? Looks great. I will have to use fake sugar. I am really getting into fancy veggie dishes as side dishes to good old animal protein. Today it was Butter Paneer Massala.

Just a handful of mint leaves and also a handful of parsley leaves. I have north-african nana mint on my balcony and garden on the countryside which are small leaves. But feel free to add more.

You can sugar left out, as the dates are sweet enough. In Europe we tend to add 1 tsp sugar to carrots to strengthen the flavor, as the quality varies a lot. If you have high-quality carrots, you don’t need sugar.

I agree. In Berlin we are a hot-spot for fancy veggie dishes. Meanwhile I prefer a well-made veggie dish instead of meat. Last week I made a deep-fried falafel on the countryside for a veggie guest. All the other guests who normally love meat were thrilled too. BTW, I strongly recommend my roasted beetroot with goat cheese or lukewarm leeks with pine nuts by Mrs Redzepi of NOMA. Use the search engine from this board.

BTW, 10 years ago I was dining at NOMA in Copenhagen before it was famous around the world and they served Jerusalem artichoke with hazelnuts of Piedmont. Simply breathtaking. This was the (!) moment when I thought, "holy moly a veggie can be such thrilling".

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I made your beetroot and goat cheese dish a while ago and loved it but the others in the house were not fans so I do not make it often. I make falafel with fresh herbs chopped in - basel or rosemary. Not very Israeli, but it adds a dimension.

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I enjoy reading your culinary adventures, Martin. Your presentation of this dish is like a work of art. That impression combined with your mention of the song reminded me of a simple painting that I did years ago. I actually titled it ‘Train to Marrakesh’. It was inspired by the scenery out the window from a train trip from Rabat as we neared Marrakesh. Cheers.


Such beautiful, Jim. DANKE


maybe it is also time to re-watch this movie from the 90s based on a novel by Paul Bowles

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I decided to make this for Sunday dinner at my in-laws. I used carrots and herbs fresh pulled this morning from my garden. I also love dates so added a few more than what the recipe generally called for which precipitated me needing a bit more lemon to freshen things up. All amounts were guesstimates.

Tastes amazing. Will be added to the summer carrot rotation.

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I have tried several of Martin’s recipes and have been very pleased with the results. Keep ‘em coming!

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Excellent. I did not have parsley so I used fresh basil from the garden, with fresh mint. I was not sure if you wanted to serve it cold but since you called it salad, I decided to ice it in advance. Cold was fine and I made extra for tomorrow.

When you make it according to my instructions it is lukewarm.

Yes. Mine was about room temp. which was fine.

Try this: raw shredded carrots, golden raisins, mint, Calabrian chiles along with olive oil, vinegar and salt and pepper. Simple and delicious.

I had made a triple recipe so today we had leftovers. I intended to add new fresh basil and mint but I forgot. It might have been better than 0on day one!

What temperature did you serve it second day?

Dan Kravitz

Bumping this recipe back to the top. Made it tonight with cedar plank salmon, lemon and feta couscous, and grilled asparagus. It is such a great compliment to so many different dishes.

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