Captain's gotta teach stuff!

In all seriousness if this wine had a D&R or Cruse label on it there would be orangutan street fights to get hold of some bottles. Like 3/4 Crus Beaujolais and maybe the rest Jura Poulsard or Rocks District Syrah this wine is just light and powerful and there is simply no way it is made in California from Lodi fruit.

From Zalto Burg stems we adored the 2012 Scholium Project 1MN for the hour it took to drain the bottle. Went fantastic with homemade protein cheeseburgers (local grassfed) enhanced by lemon-infused mayo, cranberry ketchup and sauteed sweet onions. It is a shame some look back sharply at Abe’s early red experiments, which sometimes went sideways, because SP really has things dialed in now. The modern wines are oh so delicious. I don’t know if I have more but I will be taking a look.

FWIW, I agree with you about this, Glenn,

I’ve followed Abe from the start, as we say around here (we were actually colleague’s in his previous life), albeit not as closely as you, but his recent winemaking, I think both reds and whites, have really come into a zone of being both delicious and fascinating.

Cool picture. Almost like a painting.

Photo stolen from wife’s FB feed. I grilled and picked wine, she handled photography!

Joshua we agree. The last few years SP is just consistently interesting and delicious! I have been a buyer since 04 and never happier than lately.

This is one of the best shots of a bottle I have ever seen!

I keep reading that Scholium Project has conquered the instability/volatility of older vintages, but I just read of another disappointing red yesterday.

I have a WineBid bottle waiting for delivery for me to try: maybe I will gain more confidence after popping it.

Glenn; I have had very little experience with Abe’s wine and the experience (early) I did have was not positive. Looking forward to the opportunity of having you & Mel change my mind!

Marshall [cheers.gif]

Thanks man, I told Melinda and she was psyched.

Which was a bummer?

Marshall - I remember when we opened a really turned 04 Scheria at Greg’s, I was so bummed as I wanted you to have a great bottle!

Have had a few cool wines from Abe recently, but the 2013 Wolfskill was nearly undrinkable: gloppy, hot, sweet, about 16%. Didn’t know how to even deal with it. Now I’m just sort of confused by his whole lineup and don’t know what to try to purchase, if anything.

The mode recent domestic Cab we have uncorked was the 12 Piper, a delicious outlier. We kind of liked the 12 Wolfskill early on but then put the rest of the bottles away in the cellar for rest.