Cappellano Barolo Chinato

First time having Cappellano’s version of this. Not at all viscous or overtly sweet, this herbal concoction has what it takes to treat what ails you. Not everyone’s glass of wine but the bitterness works as an excellent digestif. Would buy again.


It’s time for me to fish a couple of these out of the cellar.

Love it. Vajra has what may be my favorite version.

It’s not booze, it’s medicine!

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Cappellano’s my favorite.

The first and, in my somewhat limited experience, the best.

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Nice when opened, but let the bottle sit open a month and it really becomes something special.

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Words of wisdom.

Hmm… I hadn’t tried this. I love Chinato and a bottle lasts about a week for me. What do you notice with a bottle open longer? I think I had assumed I should treat it like vintage port, ie: open and drink within a few days to a week.


I don’t want to speak for Marcus’s thoughts on this, but what I find is that some of the spirity harsh notes of the Chinato (I am someone who does not drink any hard liquor so take that into context) mellow out and find a softer side, a little more calm. The wine seems to find a little more harmony and the spice seems to mellow a bit in a good way. It’s more subtle, but no less complex, maybe more so for me. If you like the impact of the alcohol texture/impact wise or the punchy spice of it freshly opened, you may not prefer this.

I don’t mind it when it’s freshly opened, but it is more punchy and often a touch discordant. Todd hit the nail on the head though, it becomes more harmonious, integrated, and really blossoms. It is no less fresh or complex than a recently opened bottle, and in my experience shows no oxidation.

Between the nebbiolo and the cinchona bark, the anti-oxidant levels of Cappellano Chinato are probably sky high. I was blown away at how long it was open and actually improved, rather than just survived.

i was fortunate that my first time tasting a chinato (Cappelano) was one having aged 30 years already. it was indeed harmonious and clearly distinct from a recently released chinato tasted later. after that first tasting, promptly bought aged versions of Cappelano.

I would love to be able to find aged versions. Doubt that will happen though, and my bottles don’t last more than a year or two in my cellar.


CSW occasionally will have some older bottles 40-60 year old bottles on sale. They can be pretty special. They are special enough that in a moment of optimism, I bought some new bottles several years back with the intent to let them age until I’m old.

I am on their mailing list. Not sure if that type of thing goes out to everyone, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

i also found an old one and fresh one at CSW. A 30 year old one was opened by J Dub of CSW himself. talk to J Dub.

It’s still the worst wine I’ve ever drank personally (for my tastes, YMMV obviously):

  • NV Cappellano Barolo Chinato - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo Chinato (10/25/2015)
    HATED IT. Not fit for human consumption. Tastes like Quinine mixed with gin botanicals. I know you’re supposed to stay open minded, but there is no excuse for this unmitigated sludge. One of the worst things I’ve ever consumed, once you drink it you’re worried you’ve been poisoned…

All joking aside, this is just clearly not my style.
I’m sure if this is your thing, it is probably a respectable wine. (50 pts.)

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Quinine mixed with gin botanicals mixed with Barolo is exactly what they’re going for! neener

But yes, Barolo Chinato (from any producer) is pretty out there. If it’s not up your alley, you’re likely to really hate it. It’s one of my favorite digestivi, though. [cheers.gif]

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Yeah, I was clearly being snarky, just a polarizing bottle & style

Don’t bother with Macvin either. Maybe Pineau des Charentes is your style.

Indeed, what is mother’s milk for some can be vile for others. Which is good - helps keep prices down for those who love it!