Can conditioned Budweiser

What should I do with the can of beer described in the OP?

  • Send it back to Anheuser Busch for scientific analysis.
  • Give it to the homeless alcoholic who panhandles down the street from my office
  • Get a pair, suck it up, and drink it yourself
  • Send it to one of you volunteers to taste and report back
  • Send it to Brett Favre, he loves beer
  • Send it to Chuck Norris, whose mere stare will cause it to liven up and taste like it was fresh from the brewery
  • Slip it into a blind flight at an Offline.

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Cleaning up my laundry room I found, pushed to the back of a storage rack we use for soda and Snapple when there’s a good sale and I buy in large quantities, I found a can of Budwesier. Source unknown because I do not think I have ever bought Bud. On the bottom of the can, it says “23May03” so it is coming up on it’s 15th anniversary. What should I do with it? Do you think the carbonation has leaked out of the can somehow?

At the wine and gourmet food shop I worked (1997-2007), the bookkeeper told me a strange story.

One hot summer day, she and her husband were fishing on a local lake. Her husband hooked something heavy in about ten feet of murky Louisiana water. He reeled in a six-pack of Miller Lite (or was it Bud…?) whose markings/can design indicated that the beer was more than a few years old.

She declared that the cans were nice and cool from the prolonged immersion, and that they were the most delicious alcoholic beverages she’d ever tasted!

I still shudder when I envision drinking “lake beer”.

Carbonation won’t leak out of a can unless there’s a problem with the double seam. The amount of dissolved oxygen in their cans is probably under 10 ppb as they have state of the art packaging controls. I would guess the hops are completely faded and you will get sweetness from the malts. Probably darker in color as a result of oxidation owing to its age and being room temp. If you had kept the can in a fridge for 13 years the CO2 would be held better in solution so maybe it would be “fresher” and lighter. There is no can conditioning as the beer was done fermenting, carbonated to desired CO2 levels and then packaged.

Hops? Did it ever have any? Ha

Try it and just be near the sink in case you need to spit.

Throw it away.

Send it to C Fu. He’ll flip it for $1500.

How old are your kids? If they are young adults, let whichever one of them put it there claim it.

I imagine that the skunk is strong is that one

It’s a Budweiser, I think it’s physically impossible for it to degrade further than when it was first canned. The duscussion should have ended there.

Flawed poll.
Throw it away.

With Jay “the discussion should have ended there” doesn’t exist.

I know from experience that this is not true. At least if wasn’t 40 years ago

Take it out shooting.

Bring it Monday to PDH. Then we can post tasting notes.

Keep it.

Do a blind tasting of this can, with a fresh can of Budweiser. I would bet anything that most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.