Can calvados be safely shipped in the summer months?

Seeking input from the boards’s collective wisdom.

A calvados I’ve been searching for for over a year just became available in London on this, the third day of summer.

How risky is it? If I wait until autumn I run the risk of it being sold out. They will not hold.

It has already been distilled. I don’t see any possible way that it could be harmed in shipping, other than breakage.

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Ship away…at least 80 proof and sealed. Fifty year old Calvados is simply life-altering and will spoil your ass. Last time Binny’s got a 6-pk of Drouin 1968, I managed to drive around Chicago to snag four of the six.

I’d wait if it is hot enough to cause the liquid to expand and leak.

I’ve taken delivery of 3 boxes from Europe this week, when temps are around 100 here in Oregon. This included Scotch whisky, Calvados, Rum, and Armagnac. Not a single bottle showed any signs of concern. Bottles were actually not even as warm to touch as I expected.

I would prefer holding for shipment but some retailers don’t offer that option and many specialty selections will not be available 2 months from now when I would prefer shipment. Not ideal but I would (will) do it again.

It already has been boiled. Twice.

Or more correctly as Peter said, distilled. So it has went from liquid to gas to liquid to gas before it’s bottled as liquid- I don’t the UPS can top that.

Not Calvados, but the folks at Whiskey Tribe did an experiment with various whiskeys to simulate what happens when whiskey is exposed to high temps. They did find there’s some change of flavours when whiskey is exposed to high heat for longer periods of time

172 degrees (in a sous vide) for hours though…

What did you do Jay? I am a fence sitter on this, I think it’s ok to ship spirits but would definitely prefer cooler weather if it’s an older Calvados.

I shipped based on the above comments.

I think they arrived yesterday but I’m not home to check. My air conditioning died last Wednesday and Arnold is putting me up on Staten Island while I wait for a new HVAC on order. The package room is definitely a lot cooler than my apartment right now…

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